Thursday, July 10, 2014

Meet of Champs 2014

Finally, the day arrived, Meet of Champs! Ella was really excited about these races and she doesn't get really excited about much :-). She was swimming every event, so when they limited the number of swimmers in backstroke and she didn't end up doing that one I was kind of relieved. It's her worst stroke so it was better for her to rest than waste her energy on it and she was happy too. She really, really wanted to make it All Stars again and we had prepped her all year that it was definitely a possibility but that it would be much harder to do since she was at the bottom of the age group this year.
The meet started out with the free relay which her group got 4th in. Since the top 3 get medals that was a bit of a bummer for the girls but we told them to use that frustration in their next races. Ella had an awesome day! She beat all her best times (except free), often by quite a bit and medaled (top 8) in breaststroke and butterfly. She missed a medal in IM by 0.6 of a second...that kid :-).
The day ended with the medley relay and it was sooo exciting. It was a come from behind victory that got everyone on their feet. It was a perfect way to end the day for her. Seriously watch it, even if you usually skip all these boring swim videos!
Now, there were definitely some tears that night about not making it to All Stars, but I think it will just make her work harder for it this year so she can rock it as a 10 year old next year. We were sooo proud of how well she did at MOC! Way to go Ella!
the relay: Madeline, Olivia, Ella and Linsey
17.07 (17th) (the only race she didn't improve her time)

Nana and Grammy came to cheer her on and even Preston actually watched and cheered today :-).
1:33.94 (9th)

22.33 (7th)

18.06 (8th)
the girls from our division were all super close. 6th and 7th place had 18.03 and 18.05 and 9th place was 18.07. We wonder if she had been in the faster heat if that would have pushed her to go a bit faster.

The Medley Relay! (time this meet: 1:14.53)

Last year our team was in Division 3 (this year Division 2), so we drove over to grab a heat sheet from their meet after ours was over to see Ella's top 10 all-time finishes in print. Pretty cool :-)!
(the one on right is 7/8 Girls Butterfly)

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