Tuesday, July 22, 2014

One Last Day and then Saying our Goodbyes

Our last full day in Utah was a pretty chill day. We spent the morning at the Redds house doing some laundry and reorganizing everything for the next few weeks of the trip. We were having our family photos taken that evening so we all had to be looking beautiful and not get too sweaty before evening, which limited our options :-).
We headed into Provo for some lunch at Burgers Supreme. Mike and I used to go there quite a bit as newly weds because they always had good deals on the starving student card...and we pretty much only at at places that offered discounts on the card :-). Hope was being a good girl and studying hard for her first big test but we did meet up with her at the creamery for a quick ice cream treat. It was so fun to get to see her as a college girl while in UT and get to hang out a bit since we probably won't see her again until Christmas.
Then we headed to dinner at Rubio's (fish taco Tuesday!) and headed to the movie theater to see Earth to Echo. It was really cute and I loved that when we bought our tickets we had to pick what seats to sit in...brilliant!!! One thing I love about the Alamo in Katy is that it is almost never crowded so we don't have to worry about getting good seats or sitting by people we don't know and this system really helps with that!
After the movie we got freshened up, the kids changed into their cute clothes and we headed to off to meet Heather for our photo shoot. I was a little confused about where we were meeting, but eventually we found each other and the kids did pretty well with their smiles :-). I'm excited to see how they turned out!
We had bribed the kids with stopping at the Waffle Luv food truck on our way to our hotel in SLC if they did awesome for the shoot (not to mention the candy we brought with us to eat during). I must say this was probably my favorite food of our whole Utah leg of the trip. SOOO delicious!!! We stayed in Salt Lake that night to cut down on our driving time to Reno the next morning and were up and on the road pretty early.
It was a great time in Utah and we were sad to say goodbye. I always feel like I could use one more day there. Ella still wants to move there, so I'd say it was a pretty successful first leg of the trip :-). We took parting shots at the salt flats and then headed into the nothingness of Nevada.
I forgot to take a picture of our fish tacos, so snapped this of another Rubios that afternoon so I wouldn't forget we ate there :-)
killing time after the movie
A couple shots during our photo shoot. Ella looked so pretty in that peach color! We will be wearing more of that :-).
And our kitty-mamas were really excited to see their babies when Emily sent us these pics. Eddie had already changed so much!
almost tastes like snow :-)

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