Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Our Last Week

The last week of June...Our last week before the big trip......Ella's last week of summer swim...My last week to get all my editing done, all my blogging caught up and everyone packed and organized. 
Adeline ended up spending the week in San Antonio with Meema and Papa. As we were leaving the Mexican restaurant to head home she said she wanted to stay and Mike and I realized there was nothing she needed to be home for so we pulled over and talked to Mike's parents and they agreed. Addie was SOOO excited to stay. She loves her space and she loves Meema and Papa so it was a win-win. I was also excited for her to get to spend some extra time with cousin Dustin who we don't get to see very often. We were planning to head that direction when we left on our road trip so we would just pick her up on our way out of town the next week. The one hitch in the plan was Eddie. None of us thought about the fact that Addie wouldn't be seeing Eddie for over a month and as the days went by she started to miss him more and more. In the end Mike ended up meeting his parents part way on Saturday afternoon after our meet of champs was over and she was SOOO excited to see her kitten again. She could have cared less about the rest of us :-). She had such a wonderful time though and can't wait to go back to San Antonio again!
Pictures from our week in Katy and Addie's in San Antonio...
Eddie is a social little guy that doesn't like to sleep alone. Thank goodness for Preston keeping him company at night :-)
I took Ella, Preston and Oliver to see Mary Poppins at the Alamo. It was Ollie's first movie in the theater and he did awesome...especially considering Mary Poppins is LOOONG and often boring.
Addie's fun day with Dustin...
Mike and I went to the Alamo to watch the US World Cup game on Thursday, the 26th, and saw this cool hair-do. Watching the game there was super fun though and I don't even care about soccer :-).
These two played together TONS while Addie was in San Antone which was a nice change. Usually Addie and Preston pair off the most.
We sent Addie lots of Eddie pictures and videos, and documented his trip to the vet that she was bummed to miss.
My family has an ongoing group text and one night it turned into everyone making life stories for each other using emojis. This is mine made by Kayley. They were hysterical :-).
And lastly, Ella and I went on a carb-loading date the day before meet of champs. She is growing up so fast and getting to be more and more fun to hang out with.

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