Tuesday, July 8, 2014

San Antonio Weekend

Towards the end of the school year I got an email from Katy Aquatics that their summer travel meet would be to San Antonio. It was PERFECT! We needed to get to San Antonio to visit Mike's family and the meet was a weekend with no photo shoots and no summer swim meets on the calendar. I was thrilled with how perfectly it worked out and we were all excited to go!
We arrived on Chloe's birthday and went to dinner to celebrate.
The next morning we were up early for the meet. It was surprisingly small and Ella was obviously tired, but it was fun for Mike's family to get to see her swim and see what the long course pools are like (they look HUGE). Although Ella didn't swim her best this weekend, we still loved the meet becuase it was so short. We were out of the pool by 10am Saturday and 11am Sunday, which is unheard of!
(Ella standing in black suit and cap to right...she always looks so small to me when she is waiting to go)
Saturday we went to a super yummy burger place for lunch after the meet and then hung out and played together at Meema and Papa's house. There was lots of legos, checkers and war and Meema taught Addie to knit.
The next day there was more hanging out, an adults only dinner out while Chloe babysat and celebrating Mike's birthday. Plus, Ella got to spend the night with Chloe and she got a makeover and stayed up late watching a movie with her. She is so lucky to have another fun aunt to hang out with!
Monday, the 23rd, the kids went out for donuts with Meema and Papa for breakfast and we had Mexican lunch before we hit the road back to Houston. It was a short visit but much needed and we all had a great time!

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