Sunday, July 6, 2014

Summer Fun, Goodbye to Hope and Father's Day

Once we got that third swim meet out of the way we had over a week until the next one and it felt like we had an actual summer vacation finally. This was the first year that our summer swim team practices switched to the mornings once school got out instead of sticking to evenings and I HATED it. With three kids going to three different practices in addition to Ella continuing with Katy Aquatics practices a few evenings a week I felt like we had no real summer. We had to be at the pool at 7:30am and then weren't done until 10am. If we wanted the girls to do a stroke clinic or have a private lesson with the coach then we weren't done until nearly 1pm. Morning hours are my most productive hours and I was sitting by the pool trying to stay cool thinking of all the things I COULD be getting done (not to mention I could never get to classes at the gym). In the evening we are just hanging out at home anyway; I would much rather practice then. I tried to see if any other teams practiced in the evenings because I was ready to plan our switch for next year, but no luck. Anyway, enough of my complaining. 
We did head to some fun pools a few afternoons, had some lunch dates and play dates, Ella had a great long course meet, I wrapped up my photo shoots, we said goodbye to Hope and celebrated Father's Day.
Addie has been wanting to go back here forever and had so much fun making an Eddie statue!
Preston and Lucy playing while their siblings practice
Practicing what I preach this year with the swim shirts
This was a 2 day meet and on the first day Ella had a frustrating day of getting SOOO close to BB times and just missing them (although she did have an amazing breaststroke race). Day 2 was awesome though and she earned her BB times in two new strokes.
stretching in the middle
before swimming the 400 Free, Mike and I were her timers which was fun
Much happier day 2 after getting new BB times! Wish I had brought my camera this day :-(
Her events over the 2 days:
50 Fly 48.97 (24th/64 10&unders)
50 Free 41.42 (34th/87)
50 Breast 52.22 (7th/74!!!) BB time
400 Free 6:51.94 (10th/14) there were tears, missed her BB by 0.10 of a second!
50 Back 49.37 (36th/85) BB time
100 Free 1:31.11 (33rd/86) BB time
Sunday, the 15th, we had once last hurrah with Hope before she headed to Utah for college. She took Ella out on a date the next day which was so cute. She has been such a good example for her and Ella looks up to her a lot.
Our family and Kayley's family got Hope all kinds of goodies for dorm this hamper that looks like a washing machine and plenty of other quirky items perfect for her :-).
Obsessed with this quilt my mom made her. I wish I had taken a close up of all the beautiful fabrics.
We also celebrated Father's Day and what an awesome dad Mike is!
fathers day 1
fathers day 4
fathers day 2
fathers day 3
Preston was excited to see this orange car parked near us!
a simple diving board provides hours of entertainment :-)
Preston requested a picture of his invention
Ella is quite a little foodie and was very disappointed when her school took a field trip to Taste of Texas and they were all served chicken fingers instead of steak! She wanted to go back again so we made her a deal and she finally earned her reward! I think Mike was just as excited as she was when she earned her date :-).
And more pool fun! We got to swim with Rachel a couple different times and she always makes it more fun! She is another great example to Ella so we love spending time with her.

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