Thursday, July 3, 2014

Summer Swim Meet #2

We had our two home swim meets first this season so this was the last meet at our own pool. None of our kids had a great meet times wise, but they had fun hanging out with their friends between races. The weather this summer for our meets was not nearly as bad as usual either so that has been a BIG bonus!
Some highlights...
Preston improved his backstroke by quite a bit.
Seed time: 1:25.93 This meet: 1:08.78
(very right)

Ella's went down a bit as well.
Seed time: 22.10 This meet: 21.72
Her IM improved a teeny bit as well. She has swum this faster at Katy Aquatics meets so it gets frustrating seeing these times.
Seed time: 1:35.81 This meet: 1:35.44
Ella's breaststroke got closer to what she can swim it so that was good. Summer swim has been an adjustment for her when it comes to the short races for sure.
Seed time: 24.03 This meet: 23.49
(middle with yellow cap)

Hooray for Ella taking a second off her fly time!
Seed time: 19.72 This meet: 18.97
(very right)

It was after this meet that we started to realize what a great relay Ella was getting to be a part of. Super fun!

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