Saturday, July 19, 2014

Utah Roommate Reunion 2014

Well, it had been three years since our last official reunion trip (blog post HERE, and links to our history in that post as well :-) so we were due for one! It truly is a miracle to get all six of us together, so while I am thankful for the two full days we had together, I still wish it had been four! This was our first reunion ever where no one had to bring along a young baby, although Brooke is preggers. 
I love that even though we are so different in many ways, we can pick up right where we left off. I loved hearing their opinions on all kinds of things and learning from what they have been through over the last few years. I just love these girls so much!
We made the most of our time catching up on life, discussing a variety of topics, shopping, hiking, and of course eating :-). I'm ready for the next one!
Here's a fun picture of us in our college apartment when we were all super cool (and obviously before I had given up my tanning addiction)...
girls old
our first reunion in 2008
(no Brooke sadly, darn med school)
Brooke's wedding 2009
 photo 9-5-09-13.jpg
our 2011 reunion
And onto this year...
Sara and I met up on the train up to Salt Lake and the rest of the crew picked us up at the station.
lunch and shopping at City Center, then some resting and talking back at Brooke's and off for more shopping and dinner at Bombay House (yum!)
We also walked over to temple square to recreate some pictures we took when we were roomies in college, but unfortunately I'm not home so I will have to post the two together later.
Our second day was Sunday and we enjoyed a yummy breakfast made by Brooke and then walked to her church for Sacrament Meeting. It was such a nice relaxing day. We had a delicious salad for lunch by Sara and another yummy meal from Brooke for dinner. In between all our eating we went on a hike, laid in the grass and talked more, watched a movie and then went on an evening stroll around the neighborhood to work up an appetite for some ice cream :-).
Nature girl Sara letting spiders crawl on her...or I think she said this isn't actually a spider. Either way, no one else would have been doing this :-)!
thank you photoshop for this pic of all 6 of us :-)
Sara's hubby stopped by and brought us a loaf of his AMAZING Artisan bread. He needs to open a bakery...seriously!
Sadly, we didn't have time to all go to Maverick's for some frozen yogurt, but those of the crew left on Monday did. This was a very popular late night outing for us in college :-).
I headed out Monday morning to take the train back to American Fork to meet up with Mike and Addie and Preston before we headed to visit BYU.
And what were Mike and the kids doing during my weekend getaway you may be wondering?! They were having fun at Heber and Chalonn's house and didn't miss me at all :-). Chalonn even watched all of the kids so Mike and Heber could go on some adventures...thanks so much guys!
a few pics from her of the kiddos
Ella and London get along so well and Ella looooves hanging out with her.

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