Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ella at 10 Years Old

I CANNOT believe my Ella Bella is 10 years old! That means I have been a mom for an entire decade...and that means I'm old :-)!
Ella LOVES that she is getting older. She wishes she could just be roommates with Hope at BYU tomorrow, but luckily we have her with us for a bit longer. She is starting her last year in elementary school, loves her kitty Beauty, looks forward to Activity Days and swim practices and continues to be my big helper at home. I sure love this girl with all my heart!
(this year's photos were taken by the talented Heather Lorraine and I hope to be posting more favorites soon!)
Here are some things I want to remember about Ella at 10...
She is a swimming machine! Ella LOVES swimming so much and has really dedicated herself to it the last two years. She has just been moved up to the elite group for her age and I am so proud of her! I struggle with wanting her try some other sports (she shows pretty natural ability at others), but she just wants to swim and swim some more. Through the two years she has swum year round I have seen her confidence in all aspects of life grow by leaps and bounds. She is no longer so shy and unsure about trying new things and that has been so fun to watch.
Ella's 2nd love in life is definitely reading. She reads and reads and reads. Mostly she loves the fantasy genre although we have read plenty of Nancy Drew mysteries together as well. I'm so glad that she loves it so much!
She is obsessed with Full House right now and I would much rather her watch it than the weird shows on Disney and Nickelodeon!
Her favorite foods include some of the typical things like pizza, spaghetti and tacos and some other randoms like sushi, potato soup, ribs and hot wings. Her favorite veggie is celery and her favorite fruit is pineapple.
Ella loves music and is a master money saver. She bought a used iPod with her own money and loves listening to music on it.
Her favorite color is blue with pink as a runner-up.
She is super social now and always wants to invite friends over. I am glad she is such a good friend and that she now has such a strong, nice group of friends at school, church, and swim. There have been some tough times over the last couple years as she figured it out :-(.
Of course there are times when Ella can be a little bossy with her siblings, but overall she is an amazing big sister who I can count on to help me out when needed. She loves having responsibilities...especially when they are ones that can earn her money :-). She can also be a goofball and be the craziest one of the bunch.
Ella LOVES her kitty Beauty SO much, and Beauty is obsessed with her !!!
I love that I can trust Ella to make good choices and to do the right thing no matter where she is. She is my breath of fresh air and my sigh of relief on most days.
She is awesome at taking care of  and playing with her little cousins (Ollie LOVES her) and has been so sweet with Preston as he starts Kindergarten.
I have loved the conversations we have had this summer as we talked about more serious and grown-up topics. And when she wasn't allowed to do some of the things her friends were allowed to, which resulted in tears, we had some great bonding moments as well. I love hanging out with her...she loves to watch House Hunters and cooking competition shows with me, running errands, going out to yummy restaurants, and going on dates to the Alamo.
This is going to be a great year!
1 Week
edited: Ella's stats at her well-check in October
height: 54.75" (50th percentile)
weight: 76 lbs (54th percentile)

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