Friday, August 22, 2014

Home at Last!!!

So, Thursday the 24th we finished up at the Carlsbad Caverns and then begin our long drive home. Since Chrissy and her kids ended up coming to San Antonio we added a short stop there on our way back to see them. We arrived right around dinner time and it was so fun to see her and her kiddos again. They had both grown up so much since we last saw them and are so cute. We spent the night there that night, hung out a bit in the morning and then all went out to lunch before we finished those last few hours home.
It was SOOO nice to be home again after nearly a month on the road! Beauty and Eddie were so excited to see us (my mom checked on them often and got our mail so we owe her a HUGE thanks, and my grandma and friend Emily also checked on the kitties as well). There was lots of fun mail to go through, lots of toys the kids had missed, Preston FINALLY got to open his souvenir from the trip (a lego set from Legoland) and we all slept SOOO well in our beds again. There was plenty of unpacking and laundry to be done, but even so, it still felt amazing to be in our own home.
Trips are so fun and I'm so thankful we were able to see and do all the fun things we did. And then you have a renewed appreciation for your life at home when you get back.
Ella got a makeover from Chloe :-)
Someday we will get a good picture of all the Freeman grandkids...maybe when the youngest is 5 :-)
some of the fun mail...thank you cookies from Courtney for sending referrals her way and my first shipment of Chatbooks. I LOVE them!!!

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