Sunday, August 3, 2014


Legoland was not originally on our So Cal agenda, but as Preston became more and more obsessed with Legos we decided to do it. We were at Disneyworld earlier in the year so we weren't doing Disneyland and we thought it would be fun to get some rides in as well.
The kids had a blast and overall we had a great day there, but I must admit I was disappointed.
Here is my venting on legoland, skip to the next paragraph if you don't care...It was partly my fault. We had never been before, so I should have done a little more research so we would have had a better game plan for our day. From what I saw on the map there were two bigger roller coaster, so my plan was just do those first and then see what else we want to do. The first thing wrong with Legoland is that it doesn't open until 10am. This is a warm area of southern California so, it would have been awesome to be able to start at 9am before the sun was out in full force. We got there at 9:30am and were allowed into the park up to a point (much like Disney does) we waited at the rope heading to the area where the two big coasters were and at 10am were let in. We hurried off and the roller coaster I had in mind was called something different on the map (2nd problem) and I wasn't sure it was where we wanted to go, so we decided to go on the other one first with no line and then figure out where to get on the first one after. We got to the 2nd one and the gate was closed for it. A worker was standing there and said it would be a few minutes. We were about 5th in line for it so just waited. More than 15 minutes later we were finally let into the ride (we could have gone on the other coaster by then!). When we made it all the way to where we actually sat on the ride it was closed off again while an older gentleman was explaining to two younger workers how to check children for height, etc. I thought it was a joke...the park opened TWENTY minutes ago, shouldn't they know this by now?! So that was the third strike. When we went back to the other roller coaster we had to wait an hour. I think we just have our Disney stuff down so much I am not used to waiting in lines at all! The 2nd coaster was definitely a fun one though and I was bummed we didn't go on it first because we would have all loved to go on it twice. Ella and Mike got to go on a SUPER cool ride (video below) and waited in line for 1 1/2 hours because they only had one side of it open. When they were almost up, people finally opened up the other half of the ride, but it was 12:30, a little late on a busy summer day. The 4D movie was pretty lame and the last thing I will say is we bought a refillable cup and although you could buy the cups at nearly every stand, you could only refill them at restaurants which was annoying...especially after waiting in line somewhere else to refill it. The lines everywhere were pretty long and the rides didn't look super cool, so we didn't go on very many. I think I was just expecting a Lego version of Disneyland it didn't live up to that.
Ok, but enough! There were good things too!
Preston LOVED the building stations. In fact he would have been fine just hanging out at them all day long! All the lego creations were amazing!!! The big animals, dragons and peoples scattered through out the park were awesome and the replica cities were really cool too. Another cool thing was seeing the lego city basement set-up from the Lego movie. The kids all like that AND we met Emmett and he was super funny with the kids. Preston loved pretty much everything and even Ella claims this as her favorite day of the trip, so it was still a success and I'm glad we tried it out! Preston is already talking about going back again :-).
We stopped at Black Angus for dinner that night and the kids enjoyed playing outside on the grounds of the hotel when we got back. It was a great set-up to be in for multiple nights because we pretty much had a backyard. We were on the main level and would leave the door open so we could watch the kids while they played outside in the fabulous weather.
waiting to get in
one of the things we did to pass time while Mike and Ella waited for their ride

Addie's favorite activity on these nice evenings was grinding up leaves and bark with a big rock :-)

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