Saturday, September 27, 2014

Lulu's Party and Other Cuteness

Saturday, the 13th, we celebrated Miss Eloise's first birthday and since I was taking pictures for Kayley, I actually have some real pictures to post along with my phone ones :-)!!! The party was adorable and beautiful, of course, and there was plenty of yummy food (I posted more pics on my photo blog).
The next week included school picture days, gorgeous weather that had us riding bikes and super rainy weather that had us running for cover, lunch at school with Ella, and just keeping up with life in between.
Addie made this...for real
sitting through swim practice :-)
living in the car on Thursdays :-)

Monday, September 22, 2014

And then it was September

The month is flying by and we are fully immersed in schedules and routines, which I mostly love, but sometimes hate.
Here is our schedule in a typical day...
6:30am- Mike leaves for work and the kids and I get up. They watch a show while I start breakfast and lunches, or sometimes I relax in bed a bit longer to delay the inevitable :-).
7:30am- Everyone is upstairs getting dressed, brushing teeth and hair and I finish up downstairs. They get some play time and piano practicing in while I get myself dressed.
7:55am- Leave for school
8:10-2:30pm - In theory I have ALL these hours to get things done, but it never feels that way unfortunately. If I go to the gym, have a photo shoot, go grocery shopping, run other errands, do visiting teaching, possibly meet a friend for lunch, etc. the day is suddenly over and I got very little editing done. I am working on this because I simply cannot get behind at this time of year!
2:30pm- head back to the school to get in the parent pick-up line (soon I will hopefully have won a top spot in line so I can leave at 3:20pm instead, and we want to ride our bikes when it is nicer as well...we have a bus but the kids would be on it for an hour which I don't want, and which doesn't work with our schedule anyway).
3:35pm- Kids in the car and home we go. Eat a snack, look over folders, start homework, watch a few minutes of TV, etc.
4:20pm- Leave for swim practices (Ella everyday and Addie on Monday and Wednesday)
*Thursdays we add piano to the mix for the girls and go right there from school and then right to swim after
6:15/6:30pm - practice ends for Ella and home for dinner we go
6:30/6:45pm- dinner, baths, stories, etc.
8:15pm- done with mommy duty...most the time :-)
So, it's busy but fun and we have gotten in our groove for the most part.

Highlights of the first 10 days of September...
wearing brown to school for September's character trait...whatever it is :-)
Addie is having a great year so far!!!
Last year of science labs with Ella Bella and I was tagged to take a selfie
Grandparents' Day lunch on Friday, September 5th. Grammy and Nana were at the school pretty much the whole day to be able to have lunch with each of these cuties!
Ella with her buddies
Date night for Mike and I to of my absolute favorites!
The amazingly artistic Addie is at it again :-)
Saturday, the 6th, was a busy day!
Photo shoots in the morning, Katy Aquatics team picnic/party right after and then I headed to Galveston for a 5K with friends. I still hate running, but I wanted to keep Aida company on her first race while Jen won her age division :-). It was a fun night running on the beach and getting attacked by bugs!
Addie and Preston are on a My Little Pony kick and Addie keeps amazing me...over and over again :-)
Preston has gotten one mark in his folder each week so far (until last week when he got none!). He had told me about this one on the way home and I was glad he wasn't in the room when I checked his folder because I started cracking up when I saw he had tried to make his own happy face on top of the sad one..silly goose.
These two have back-to-back lunches which makes it awesome for me if I come eat with them! Preston was so excited to have me for the first time!
And lastly, we finally got all of Ella's patches from Katy Aquatics so Nana could get her bag all up to date. She was so excited to show it off :-). I am so proud of how hard she works and so happy she has found something she loves so much!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

First Week Fun

Highlights from our first week back to school (the last week of August)...
(these are all from Instagram, so you can skip this if you follow me :-)
By some crazy luck, all three of my kiddos have PE on the same day this year!!! Thank you scheduling fairies!
And they were all really excited about their new tennis shoes.
2nd day of school and Preston got a mark in his folder for throwing dirt "several" times...awesome
Each month the kids wear a new color to kick off a value that the school is focusing on and Wednesday was wear yellow day!
Preston's cute backpack and lunchbox...he requested to have a baseball emblem embroidered on too :-)
The girls are both swimming with Katy Aquatics this year. Ella was SO excited to start back up again! She was moved up to the 10&under elite group (now called Bronze), which is the highest for her age. It was a big achievement for her and we are all so proud of her! Addie is starting in the beginner group and is mostly excited to have a bag with a kick board and flippers in it for practice :-). I couldn't resist having her try it since they are practicing at the same school at the same time (although Ella's is longer). They sure look cute all ready to go.
Our first spirit wear Friday with our new Fielder shirts! They did such a good job with the designs this year! (and obviously it was a rough morning for Addie...thank goodness it was Friday)
I decided to finally go for a run one morning since I was running a 5k the next weekend and although the humidity was about 120%, I did get to see a pretty rainbow.
A miracle!!! All ready for church early! This never happens, even with 1pm church.
One week of school done, and already a holiday! We mostly relaxed on Labor Day and recuperated from our first week back to school (for Mike too), but we did head to Nana and Grandad's for some pool time and Grandad was a great sport with the kiddos as always.


Sunday, September 14, 2014

First Day of School...All Together!!!

I have been anticipating the start of this school year for a long time. It is our ONE year with all three of the kiddos at the same school. That means one drop off and one pick up time for me...and that is a miracle that I intend to enjoy fully!
The kids were all excited about the first day and even Preston, who had expressed nervousness at other times, was all smiles for the first day. I made puffed pancakes and bacon (although Addie still wanted cereal), we got dressed all cute, packed lunches and snacks (which is a full time job for me now) and then took pictures before driving to the school.
We dropped off Ella first, then Adeline and then Preston and I headed to his room. I think it helped him seeing the girls go to their classes so readily and he walked right in without hesitation. His only complaint was that he was at a table of all girls :-), but he started coloring and happily said goodbye to me. I was so relieved because he has been rather clingy over the summer and I was worried it might be my hardest drop off yet.
It was awesome to have all day to get things done by myself, but I was definitely ready to pick them up by the end of the day and hear how it went!
All three of the kids have their Spanish teachers for homeroom...
Ella in 5th with Mrs. Pierluissi, Addie in 2nd with Mrs. Devars and Preston in Kinder with Mrs. Torres (who is my favorite teacher EVER!).
Everyone came home with reports of a good day at school! Preston made new friends that like legos like him :-), and the girls were both excited to see their buddies at recess and in class. Nana and Grandad brought over yummy treats for the first day and then we went out to dinner to celebrate. Here's to a great school year!