Thursday, October 23, 2014

Firetrucks, Art Nights and Katy Perry Concerts

The week of October 6th was busy, but eventful as well. Sometimes it seems like we are just busy with the day to day routine but nothing very exciting is happening. This week we had some events worth documenting though, which was so fun!
First, my family's neighbor and good friend from when we lived in New York came to Houston. Her oldest son was here working so she came and was able to stop by and say hi (they all went to dinner later, but we couldn't go). I used to babysit Cindy's 3 boys and it was sooo fun to see her after all these years!
Ella LOVES Activity Days at church twice a month...she looks forward to it all month! I'm so glad we have such a fun group of girls her age. (stole this from one of her leaders)
National Walk to School Day was the 8th and our school had the firetruck there again which was exciting. Ella was at choir practice so she missed out on the excitement, but Addie and Preston and I were there to capture the moment for ourselves and to get an official picture for the school.
I edit pictures everywhere I go now :-)...the parent pick-up line at school, swim practices, etc. And I'm so glad I won't be watching baseball every night while editing at home anymore. These world series games are actually's round after round of playoffs that wears me out!
Thursday, the 9th, in the evening was Kindergarten Art Night. Throughout the year each grade level has a special evening event and Preston was lucky to have his first. We stopped by right from Ella's swim practice and she helped him create his caterpillar based off Eric Carle's book. It was a fun little event!
with his art teacher and friend Juan
We finally decorated for Halloween and had fun trying these little costume hats on the kitties. Eddie was such a good sport and didn't mind and Beauty would sue us for abuse if she could :-). She ran off with the lion hat on and it was HILARIOUS. Then she hid in the closet and begged me for counseling :-).
And then after a CRAZY busy Friday (Mad Lab with Preston, 2 year photo shoot and then newborn photo shoot before heading straight back to the school to pick up the kids), Mckell and I headed downtown for the Katy Perry concert. I must admit that I was not excited about it because I am just so stressed at this time of year, but I am thankful Mckell's baby waited a few more days to arrive so we could go. It was a fun show and the people watching while waiting for the concert to begin was sooo many weirdos were there :-). Some highlights of very poor quality from my phone...


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