Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Goodbye September

The last week or so of September started out sloooow for me. Somehow I managed to get extremely sick while everyone else was fine. I still don't know what happened, but I thought I was going to die. My back killed, I was throwing up non-stop and it was miserable. I got the kids off to school before things progressively got worse as the day went on. Luckily my mom was able to go pick-up the kids from school because I just know I would have been puking my guts out in the grass as the entire car line watched :-). Preston has been pretty difficult lately, but he was so incredibly sweet to me when I was sick. He told me " I really don't want your sickness but I feel really bad for you mom! I was thinking...I'll make you a card!" And he did. And I loved it.
Luckily, by the next day I was feeling much improved and although it took a few days to feel totally back up and running, each day was progressively better.
There was MAD Lab with Addie, a visit with my great Uncle John and his wife Sondra, a daytime date with Mike (who has county fair day off instead of columbus day), one last free Saturday morning before lots of crazy ones for pictures so the kids all had friends over, Addie using her hard-earned "dollars" for a pony stuffed animal and the usual daily grind of school, editing photos (which happens everywhere I go now) and swim practices.


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