Sunday, October 12, 2014

Primary Program 2014

On September 20th our ward had the annual primary program. The kiddos looked cute and did a good job saying their little lines. Nana and Grandad were able to come watch them as well and Preston was especially cute when he looked out and saw us in the crowd.
A funny story about miss Adeline and her line though. The Sunday they passed out the parts for the program I was actually subbing for Ella's class. When I picked up Addie from her class I asked her if she had gotten her part and she burst into tears and told me she threw it away because she didn't like it and she didn't know it was important. There was no talking to her at that point because she was so upset so I told her not to worry about it and stopped to talk to our primary secretary to make sure she was planning to email the parts as well. I also told her that Addie had said she didn't like her part and asked if it were possible that we could change it a bit if necessary. She said of course and we left. Later that week I got an email with an alternate part for Addie (the one she says in the video) and also found out what the original had been. I was cracking up when I read what she had been given to say that made her so upset (and apparently it is an answer she gave anyway!), "People say I look like my mom because we both have blonde hair." Oh, Adeline :-).


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