Saturday, November 29, 2014

All the Cool Cats

I tried to break out the real camera a little more often towards the end of the month. I've got to be better about it! Although I am thankful for my phone pics and my chatbooks when I don't :-).
I took some pictures of our cute kitties, we had school spirit night at Johnny's Pizza, our random backyard cat "Lovee" came for a visit (I'm guess because of the colder weather) two days in a row, and Addie made an eagle costume out of construction paper.
While having a yummy pho lunch with my friend Lauren I was talked in dramatic fashion and had the worst timing ever. Re-enactment below. I did that with my arms at the precise moment a waiter with a huge bowl of pho was walking behind me and I hit his hand causing him to spill the burning soup on himself. It is totally like me to do something like that and I felt terrible!
Preston requested a picture in his rocket ship, Addie made an awesome turkey costume out of construction paper, I spotted Preston's awesome vampire turkey on the wall outside his classroom and I finally got to catch Ella live on the announcements at school.


And one of my favorite moments from the week was Preston's floss trap. He worked on it for quite some time and used the rest of the kids' floss.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Ella's Swim Meet Weekend

After missing a meet, Ella was definitely ready to swim the weekend of November 8th and we were all able to go to both days of the meet. Addie and Preston did pretty well sitting for hours and hours by taking turns drawing, doing extreme dot-to-dots and playing on the iPad.
Ella swam so well and improved her times in every race. She got BB times in every event and was SOOO close to Gulf times on her breaststroke and butterfly. Mike and I will be out of town the weekend of the Gulf Champs meet though, so maybe it was for the best she didn't get them yet. I would have felt really bad if she had qualified and then couldn't go.
It was a bit of a smaller meet and that, combined with her great swimming, meant that she earned ribbons in almost every race as well. It has been a very rare occurrence for her to place in the top 8 at meets during the indoor season so she was so excited and proud to have earned so many. The races were fun to watch as well because her seed times usually had her as the top seed in the second heat so she blew away a lot of the other swimmers in her heats.
By the end of the weekend she was tired and happy!
(Saturday she swam the 200 Medley Relay, 100 Breast, 50 Free, 100 IM and 200 Free and Sunday was rough! She swam the 100 Back, 100 Fly, 200 IM and 500 Free)
200 Medley Relay
2:29.37, 3rd place
(Ella does the breaststroke portion)

100 Breast
1:38.72 (5th/19)
previous best: 1:44.31

50 Free
35.65 (16th/36)
previous best: 37.20

100 IM
1:29.95 (10th/27)
previous best: 1:34.80

200 Free
2:48.16 (7th/16)
previous best: 3:17.18

Her best placement, aside from the relay, was 5th on the 100 breaststroke.
100 Back
1:29.96 (8th/16)
previous best: 1:40.57

100 Fly
1:31.97 (6th/13)
previous best: 1:42.51

200 IM
3:12.79 (7th/14)
previous best: 3:29.64

On the 500 Free she got
7:38.51 (6th/11)
previous time: 10:02.85
Happy girl with most of her ribbons...we didn't wait around for the last 2

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Welcoming November with a Birthday Dinner

We had a great first week of November. The weather was still nice, my grandfather celebrated his 78th birthday, there were fun events at school and we survived another busy week!
While I was with the girls at swimming Preston was hanging out at home with Mike and made him this awesome lego creation. I was super impressed with how he was able to figure out how to make the letters and the heart out of legos! So fun to see their little brains at work!
My friend Katie texted me this picture of Addie in primary on Sunday with her paper crane family...she obviously loves participating in singing time :-).
Preston has been obsessed with practicing reading. Found him asleep on his book one night.
So glad I don't rely on the school for yearly pictures of my kiddos, but it's still fun to see the proofs.
Addie has been doing AWESOME at school this year with her behavior. She was so excited that she got the only "HUGE" thing in the treasure box this day, plus she loves owls so it was a double bonus.
Daddy and Preston date to...Chuck E Cheese. No surprise :-).
We went to visit the kittens again and they had opened their eyes! Ella's swim practice was cancelled that day so we stopped to pick out our Hallmark ornaments as well. Last year they were sold out of one that they wanted so we were sure to go early this year.
Fielder had their first ever family glow walk. It was a mile walk with glow necklaces and bracelets along with some fun music and booths set up. Love our school.

Poor Prest. As the third child and me working like a mad woman, there is just not time for these projects. I actually would have totally forgotten about it if a friend had instagrammed her daughter's the night before. He colored it as a vampire turkey. Definitely not as professional looking as the girls' when they were in kindergarten, but he did it all by himself and didn't seem to mind one bit.
And finally we made it to Friday! We went out to dinner to celebrate Grandfather's (Great Frog's) birthday and then came to our house for dessert. My grandma made one of his favorites...German Chocolate Cake. I'm so thankful that my children know their great-grandparents so well.