Friday, November 7, 2014

More October-ness

The week of October 20th was eat vegetables week or something of the sort, so each day the kids were supposed to wear a different color and have a fruit or vegetable to match in their lunch box. They got pretty into it :-).
orange/yellow day
Preston also got to play with his buddy Ryan...lucky boy!
They had someone there cleaning their chimney and he found a nest of baby squirrels!
This is probably my favorite picture EVER!!!
When I was in Preston's classroom waiting to leave for his field trip I walked over to see the IDs and when I found his I couldn't help but laugh out loud! Haha! I SO want to know the story behind this picture. It was the first day of school, so who knows :-)!
Mike was lucky enough to go to a World Series game in San Francisco with his dad. I was mostly jealous that he got to eat at most of our favorite restaurants without me.
We carved pumpkins for the first time in a years thanks to a fun pumpkin carving party with friends. Ella and Mabel were practically twins on accident.
Addie really wanted to carve out her pony designs but I convinced her it would be too tricky and we were better to leave them as awesome drawings.
I spotted a freckle on Preston at church and I was so excited that I totally embarrassed him. He spent the rest of sacrament meeting trying to keep it hidden from me, but I still managed this quick shot.
One night while I headed to swimming with the girls I sent the boys to the store for a few things. When we got home (at almost 7pm) Preston was so excited to show me the yummy drink Dad bought for him. When he held it up and it said Energy Drink I was suspicious and then I turned around the label to this fascinating information. Preston was dancing around and definitely feeling "energized" despite drinking not even half of it. He didn't fall asleep until 10:30pm that night...silly Dads :-).
Rachel took the kids on an afternoon date to her new place of employment...Main Event. They had so much fun bowling and eating pizza. We love Rachel are sad this is her last year at home!
Our friends were fostering a pregnant cat and she had her babies! They were only a few days old when we got to see them and so tiny and cute. We will not take one home, we will not take one home, we will not take one home :-)...I'm continuing to repeat this to myself! Beauty might have a nervous breakdown if we well as Mike :-).
I stopped by the school to take some yearbook pictures for Red Ribbon Week and found Addie at recess on sunglasses day.
Weird but cute Eddie
And finally, the morning of Halloween!
You were supposed to dress up as your dream job, so Ella was a swimmer, but Addie and Preston just went wearing festive Halloween wear. They didn't care, and it was much easier for me :-).

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