Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Cute COLD Kiddos

It got cold half way through really, really cold! Luckily it warmed back up because after one week of it, I was done :-)!
Ella on the other hand loves it and had fun putting together cute winter outfits.
 Other highlights...
Addie and Preston went with us to see Big Hero 6 and Ella had a special date with Nana and Grandad. It was a super cute movie and the kids came home drawing their own robots.
Preston got a weird sudden sickness with a fever and headache (he told us he felt like he was dying). Luckily it was over in 24 hours but he slept right through our yummy Chacho's dinner.
It was nice to have my little errand running back for the day though
(especially because I knew he would be back to school the next one :-)
and the kids all had dentist appointments that afternoon.
Still no cavities...nothing a trip to Baskin Robbins can't change though :).
Lunch with the kiddos is a long ordeal, but they love it so much. And I even did my hair and makeup for them :-). I also spotted a cat by Addie and a picture of Ella in the hall on my way to the cafeteria.
Preston is going to play basketball in the new year and there was a little 4 week clinic that we signed him up for to prepare him a bit. He LOVED it and had so much fun getting to see his buddy Ian. The next day when I picked the kids up from school he wanted to know if he got to go again.

We have decided that Eddie thinks he is a dog. I even caught him trying to drink from a toilet!
Nearing the end of my editing madness!!! I made that list the last week of October and nearly cried because I had already been so busy. Now posting it today makes me even more happy because I am currently working on 36! So close!!!

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