Sunday, December 21, 2014

Preston and the Penny

On Wednesday, December 10th, I was out running errands and got a call from the school nurse that she had Preston in her office. I called her back expecting to hear that he had either thrown up or hurt himself at recess. Instead she told me that Preston had swallowed a penny and was extremely upset about it. She wanted me to talk to him and see if I could help him calm down at all. When poor Prest got on the phone I heard the saddest little voice I had EVER heard. I tried to be silly and get him to lighten up by telling him he was going to poop out the penny but he just started sobbing again. He was trying to be brave, but he was terrified that he was going to die because he swallowed that penny. When the nurse got back on the phone she told me I could just come and get him if I wanted. I was about to head over and get in the parent pick-up line anyway so I went inside and got the poor guy. Preston's teacher came out to talk to me when I was there and told me he had found the penny in the hall when they were lining up to go to art. He was super excited and she told him to put it in his pocket. Somehow between their classroom and the art room Preston swallowed it. He told me later he put it in his mouth and was going to spit it out but accidentally swallowed it (why he put it in his mouth in the first place is another question though). She told me he was pretty upset initially but the art teacher had him calmed down for a bit and then he freaked out again. She assumes some of his little buddies said somethings that scared him again. She tried to make him laugh, asking him if he thought he was a piggy bank and telling him that her nephew swallowed a penny when he was little and now he is 26, but he just kept crying. When the nurse brought Preston out he was already calming down a bit and she thought that just knowing I was coming helped him feel better. He was embarrassed about the whole thing too and told me he didn't want to tell the girls when they came out, but I told him they would find out anyway, so he agreed it was ok. Addie told him he would hear a ding-a-ling in the toilet and that made him laugh pretty hard. The most hilarious thing I found out from all this was how many people have swallowed money in their lives! It seems everyone I tell about it either swallowed something themselves (Mike, my mom, my grandma, etc) or has a sibling who did. Hopefully Preston will not put anything weird in his mouth ever again!

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