Monday, December 22, 2014

Visiting Santa

We have taken the kid(s) to see Santa dressed up in their Christmas outfits every year since Ella was just a few months old in 2004 and I think this was possibly our last time with all of them :-(. Ella asked about how long she had to keep taking the pictures with Santa and I told her maybe 12, but I don't know if I will really make her do it again next year...we will see.
This Santa was cute with the kids though and had them laughing while we waited for the official picture to be taken. They are looking pretty big next to Santa though :-). We went totally last minute on Wednesday (10th) right after school because Ella's swim practice got pushed back, so Nana wasn't able to come with us this year, but Dad could so it was still more fun than just me taking them. And luckily this year the workers were fine with me taking pictures of the visit since we were buying a package. I love the candid moments best :-).
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