Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mardi Gras Meet 2015

It's that time of year again...time for Ella's favorite swim meet, the Mardi Gras meet at LSU. It is always a fun weekend for the whole family and this year Ella swam both days of the meet. More on the fun things we did later, for now, here is the recap of Ella's swimming.
Saturday before the actual meet began was the parade of swimmers throwing beads to the crowds. Addie and Preston love collecting necklaces and Ella loves throwing them. I will say, it is pretty dangerous for the spectators to have swimmers flinging these necklaces at high speeds. You have to be paying attention at all times :-)!
Ella's first race that day was the 100 Freestyle and Ella was down waiting for her heat to come up. She hasn't swum this particular event during the short course season since last year so she was excited to update her time in it. She was up next, standing at the blocks, when the girls in all the other lanes started climbing up to prepare for the race. There was some confusion because the meet was supposedly using fly-over starts but no one was enforcing it so half the swimmers would climb out immediately after they were done while the other half waited in the water until the next race had begun. The girl in Ella's lane the heat prior to her finished WAY behind the other girls, so everyone else had climbed out of the pool and Ella was waiting for this girl to get out. It was so painful to be so far away. Mike and I screamed to her to get up on the blocks but she didn't know what we were saying and no one else down there told her to get up so the race started and she was still standing there. It was so sad. She burst into tears and I ran down to find her. I talked to her and the Katy Aquatics coach that was there (Jesse) was really cute with her, telling her EVERY swimmer has missed a race at some point and that he was totally confused at this meet too :-). He had her go swim a bit in the warm-up pool and we tried to get ready for the next races. She was also swimming 50 breaststroke and 100 fly that day and I was just worried that all the drama from this first race would affect how she swam those. Luckily she ended up having a great rest of the meet though. She earned her first gulf time (and just missed a 2nd) and placed in all but one event she swam in over the weekend!

50 Breaststroke
seed time: 48.42
this meet: 45.96 (8th/37 10-year-olds)

100 Butterfly
seed time: 1:31.97
this meet: 1:29.68 (5th/18)

50 Fly
seed time: 45.64
this meet: 40.53 (13th/21)

100 Breaststroke
apparently I accidentally deleted this video. She missed her gulf time by less than a second :(.
seed time: 1:38.72
this meet: 1:37.28 (8th/17)
100 IM
seed time: 1:29.95
this meet: 1:27.56 (8th/28)


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A few Randoms

A few randoms, mostly from the phone...
Addie got to pick her birthday book at the school library again and, no surprise, picked another informative book about animals. This year, it is the Toucan :-). She is so cute.
another night when I went to tell her lights out, I found her reading the dictionary :-)
Mike had the fun idea to make s'mores over the barbeque and even went and picked up all the supplies. It made this yucky, cold, and dreary winter a little more bearable for the night.
Super early Sunday morning, the 11th, I woke up to the sound of a child in their hall bathroom. I went out to see if everyone was ok and discovered it was Preston. He had indeed thrown up and told me he had already thrown up two other times. He said, "I didn't want to wake you up mom, but I really wanted you!!!" Part of me felt so bad picturing him all alone being sick and wanting me and the other part of me was so thankful I still got almost a full night sleep. Poor little guy. I stayed with him after that and he had a couple more rounds before suddenly being cured.
I have been frustrated by our club swim team, Katy Aquatics, much of the season so far this year. After talking to a friend who recently switched to another team and is loving it, I started some real research into switching and Ella and I went to practice with them one day. They were so nice and the practice was good, but I still didn't know what to do. I was seriously having anxiety about what to do! It seemed so silly, but at the same time it really is a decision that affects so much of our day to day life. After a talk with the KA head coach and a couple other swim mom friends. We decided to stick it out with Katy Aquatics. I could tell Ella was secretly relieved when that is what we decided even though she kept telling me she didn't care what we did.
another fun chickfila breakfast!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Addie Cat at the Cat Show

Not too long ago I saw a little blurb in a Katy magazine's upcoming events about a cat show in Humble on January 10th. Initially I thought it may be fun for the whole family to go, but when Ella didn't really want to go, I decided to just make it a mom and Addie date. We left right from Preston's basketball game and drove the almost hour up to Humble. As we bought our tickets the man at the booth told us a little about the event and said just to ask if we needed help finding a specific breed. Addie immediately piped in, "Are there any Maine Coons?!" When he told her TONS, her life was made :-). (we are pretty sure Eddie has Maine Coon in him)
Having never been to an animal show of any kind I had no idea what to expect and it was so fun! There were rows and rows of cats with their owners, vendor booths, areas where the judging went on and lots of animal shelters had kittens there for adoption as well. Adeline was in HEAVEN! And she was quite the hit among all the cat lovers with her cat dress, cat ears and fur coat. Plus, having read so much about cats, she had very breed-specific questions for the cat-loving owners. Everyone was so friendly and let her pet and even hold their cats. We will definitely be watching for other cat shows coming to the area!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Preston's First Basketball Game

This year Preston wanted to try basketball and baseball (mostly baseball, and luckily no soccer). Basketball is up first and his first practice and game were Saturday the 10th. We are doing a pretty low-key league where the practice is 45 minutes right before the game. It is perfect for our crazy schedule! Basketball is my favorite sport to watch anyway, but when the kids are 4-6 years old it is even better! There are a few kids on our team who are actually really good, and the rest of them are like Preston and just run around crazy the whole time. He had fun, but decided he REALLY liked playing basketball when, at the end of the game, he received lots and lots of awesome snacks. It's fun for us to all be there cheering him on for a change!
(oh, and the kids have to wear mouth guards for the game but didn't receive them until this morning, making them even more uncomfortable than normal because we hadn't molded it yet. Preston was not a fan)


Sunday, January 18, 2015

Final Days of Freedom

We started the New Year off with a bang! Never Ending Story at the Alamo, painting the living room and taking down Christmas, relaxing, plenty of Monopoly, photo shoots beginning and lots and lots of fun with friends. It was time for school to start again all too soon (well, part of me was definitely excited :-)!

I posted the story of this ornament on instagram because every time I see it it makes me laugh. Mike and I had been dating nearly a year that Christmas, so when he handed me a little wrapped box I thought it must be a ring for sure...he was proposing!!! Instead was this totally awesome tree ornament :-). Luckily, I kept waiting a few more weeks for the real deal to happen :-).
We had awesome timing at HEB and the kids scored free balloons

an Ollie inspired dance party with all our friends
Ella's 5th grade party was at Top Golf and she was SO excited :-).
Ella and Abby were on the same soccer team in kindergarten and even though they are at the same school they don't see each other much since Ella is in TWI, but Abby's mom got a picture of them together at the party and sent both these pics to me. So crazy that they are now finishing elementary school!!!