Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mardi Gras Meet 2015

It's that time of year again...time for Ella's favorite swim meet, the Mardi Gras meet at LSU. It is always a fun weekend for the whole family and this year Ella swam both days of the meet. More on the fun things we did later, for now, here is the recap of Ella's swimming.
Saturday before the actual meet began was the parade of swimmers throwing beads to the crowds. Addie and Preston love collecting necklaces and Ella loves throwing them. I will say, it is pretty dangerous for the spectators to have swimmers flinging these necklaces at high speeds. You have to be paying attention at all times :-)!
Ella's first race that day was the 100 Freestyle and Ella was down waiting for her heat to come up. She hasn't swum this particular event during the short course season since last year so she was excited to update her time in it. She was up next, standing at the blocks, when the girls in all the other lanes started climbing up to prepare for the race. There was some confusion because the meet was supposedly using fly-over starts but no one was enforcing it so half the swimmers would climb out immediately after they were done while the other half waited in the water until the next race had begun. The girl in Ella's lane the heat prior to her finished WAY behind the other girls, so everyone else had climbed out of the pool and Ella was waiting for this girl to get out. It was so painful to be so far away. Mike and I screamed to her to get up on the blocks but she didn't know what we were saying and no one else down there told her to get up so the race started and she was still standing there. It was so sad. She burst into tears and I ran down to find her. I talked to her and the Katy Aquatics coach that was there (Jesse) was really cute with her, telling her EVERY swimmer has missed a race at some point and that he was totally confused at this meet too :-). He had her go swim a bit in the warm-up pool and we tried to get ready for the next races. She was also swimming 50 breaststroke and 100 fly that day and I was just worried that all the drama from this first race would affect how she swam those. Luckily she ended up having a great rest of the meet though. She earned her first gulf time (and just missed a 2nd) and placed in all but one event she swam in over the weekend!

50 Breaststroke
seed time: 48.42
this meet: 45.96 (8th/37 10-year-olds)

100 Butterfly
seed time: 1:31.97
this meet: 1:29.68 (5th/18)

50 Fly
seed time: 45.64
this meet: 40.53 (13th/21)

100 Breaststroke
apparently I accidentally deleted this video. She missed her gulf time by less than a second :(.
seed time: 1:38.72
this meet: 1:37.28 (8th/17)
100 IM
seed time: 1:29.95
this meet: 1:27.56 (8th/28)


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