Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Adeline at 8

One more post about Addie being 8 before her birthday gets too far away.
Height: 51" (54th%)
Weight: 58 lbs (54th%)
Adeline Amani at 8 years old is still our creative, mysterious child :-).
Favorite color remains purple, favorite animal remains cats (although birds would definitely be second) and her favorite activity definitely remain drawing or creating things out of construction paper.
Her favorites shows are My Little Ponies and Wild Kratts and the only fictional books that have been able to hold her interest lately are the diary of the wimpy kid books (she loves Bad Kitty as well, but quickly went through those). She has read the first four books of the Chronicles of Narnia, but after the fourth she wanted a break :-).
2nd grade has been an awesome year for her so far! She has one mark the entire year and that is HUGE for her!!! We are still working on appropriate responses when feeling annoyed and frustrated, but overall I think she is doing so much better! She has participated in a couple little group counseling series at school and really enjoys them. One was about making and keeping friends and another just started and is about social skills. We love our school counselor Mrs. Williams and it has been good for Addie to do the groups as a way to form a relationship with her. Sometimes in the mornings if I can tell it may be a hard day for her I will remind her that she can always ask her teachers if she can go talk to Mrs. Williams if she doesn't start feeling better. Last month she actually did it and I was so proud of her for being mature enough to take the steps she needed to calm down on her own. Her teachers have also been really good with her this year.
She excels in school and enjoys learning Spanish much more than Ella :-). When report cards come all I'm looking at is behavior comments because I know her grades will be nearly perfect. I think being in the Two-Way Immersion program has also been good for Addie because all the kids know each other so well. It helps her feel more comfortable and it also helps that the other students understand her so much. She has one best friend, Shania, who she loves playing with. Shania is in the other class this year, but they get to play at recess so it has been fine. There is a group of about 6 other girls who are Addie's friends and have been so sweet to her. Being her friend can be fun and exciting (she comes up with awesome games to play, etc) but it takes patience as well and I'm so glad she has this little group around her.
After summer swim team this year, Adeline tried swimming with Katy Aquatics during the first part of the year. She is a great little athlete, but she cares NOTHING about it, so in the end I pulled her out and we will just wait for summer team again. She has started an art class instead and seems to be enjoying it, although it is on Mondays and with two Monday holidays and her being sick one of the weeks, she has only been able to go a few times so far. She still takes piano as well and she loves to make up her own songs.
Some other favorites are: broccoli, creamy lemon chicken, pho, chicken noodle soup, ricecake sandwiches with cheese, meat, mayo and mustard (she LOVES mustard), cool ranch doritos and cheddar and sour cream ruffles, milk, cocoa puffs cereal, raspberries, strawberries and apples, asparagus, lemon yogurt and donuts for treats. Addie is super good about making healthy choices and will turn down treats if she thinks she's been eating too many of them (she didn't get that from me).
Addie LOVES Eddie!!! I think getting him has been so good for her. When she gets really upset she wants him and holds him while she cries (poor Eddie :-). We went to our first cat show this year and it was super fun. I definitely think it was a highlight of her year!
We continue trying to do our best for her. It is so hard to know the right things to do to handle different situations because her little mind works so differently from mine. I am so happy to see certain things getting easier for her and I hope they continue to. She has the biggest heart and I just want everyone to see that in her! She is amazing! I could only dream of being as creative as she is already in 8 short years. We love you Ad!

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