Sunday, February 1, 2015

Baton Rouge Adventures

Aside from spending time at the swim meet, we had plenty of other fun while in Baton Rouge!
After a nice, lazy morning at the hotel, we kept up our mini-golfing tradition. It's getting more fun as the kids get older, although I still don't get to golf all the holes as we try to keep up with all the kids. (pics from last year HERE) We stopped by the LSU mascot, Mike the Tiger, before getting to the pool that afternoon as well. He was sleeping along a back fence, but we counted it as a visit anyway :-). That night after the meet we headed to a little restaurant Mike had found online (Jasmine's on the Bayou) and it was super yummy!!! The Boudin Balls were a big hit with Mike and I (the kids weren't so sure), the dinners were good and the dessert of cookie dough spring rolls was out of this world!
Mike trying to reach a stuck ball :-)
The next morning was Sunday and we didn't need to be to the pool until 11:30am. I wanted to go check out downtown Baton Rouge, but they had a big marathon going on that morning so we didn't want to risk too much driving since we didn't know what traffic would be like. We went to see the Baton Rouge temple and then stopped along the Mississippi River for a little exploring. We ended up being done at the pool way earlier than expected which was awesome and we stopped at Landry's on our way home for a yummy dinner. It was nice to get home by 9pm instead of the 10:30pm we had been prepared for! It was also nice to have Monday off school so we could recuperate a bit before getting back to the grind!


it helped so much to have a friend from summer swim team at the meet to sit between these two :-)

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