Sunday, February 15, 2015

Blue Bell Factory Tour

We have failed to do pretty much every touristy Houston thing in all the years we have lived here, so after 10 years we are finally getting started on them :-). On Thursday, the 5th, we skipped school and headed to Brenham to tour the Blue Bell Factory with the Funks. It was a cold day so we hurried in to hang out while waiting for our tour to begin. There isn't photography allowed on the tour, but it was pretty cool to see all the machine and people at work. The main reason to go on the tour though, is to get ice cream at the end. You get one cup free and it's only $1 for an extra. Now, they call them scoops, but it is a full on cup of ice cream! I didn't know this going in so I had told the kids they could all pick two kinds if they wanted. We ended up with tons of ice cream, but we got to try all kinds of cool flavors along with our favorites. After a few more photo ops we headed home and decided to look for somewhere cute to stop for lunch. Smitty's was super close and fit the bill. It was pretty good too, although the service was slow. We stuffed ourselves with all kinds of fried snacks...fried pickles, French fries, homemade chips, fried chicken. It was delicious but definitely more food than we needed. It was a fun last adventure with our friends before they moved to Baton Rouge!

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