Thursday, February 26, 2015

My Valentines

It was so nice to have Valentine's Day fall on a weekend this year, especially since the only thing on our schedule was a basketball game for Preston (and I had the wrong time written down, so even that didn't take long haha).
Friday, the 13th, were all the celebrations at school and it was also Ella's half birthday. Since she isn't in school on her actual birthday she celebrates on the 13th of February, although this year we did the 12th so it wouldn't be quite so many treats in one day. We had donuts for breakfast and she brought donuts for the class. I brought her Chickfila for lunch and we got Mission Burrito for dinner. She knows what she wants when it comes to food :-)!
On Friday, the kids dressed in their Valentine wear and Mike and I were able to snag a reservation a one of our favorite restaurants, Oceanaire. Ella brought cupcakes to swim practice and then we hurried home so Mike and I could make it downtown. The food was amazing but that bread pudding is seriously one of the most delicious things I have had in my life!
On Saturday, the 14th, we spent lots of time as a family and went on multiple bike rides. It was an absolutely gorgeous day!!! We did our traditional Valentine's Day fancy dinner (which I did not get ONE picture of this year sadly) and talked about the things we love about one another. I Love focusing on love :-)! And I love this family of mine!

2-13-15 Ella swim bday from Marci Freeman on Vimeo.
from the 12th...
and the 14th...

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