Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Phone February So Far

I can't sleep, so here are our
Other February Happenings from the phone...
Addie stayed home from school on Monday, the 2nd, and enjoyed a cozy pony-filled day. Here she's waiting in the parent pick-up line with me for the other two. I had a photo shoot downtown so Nana came to hang out wit her and Mike came home during his lunch as well. She definitely enjoyed having the place (and people) to herself!
Tender-hearted Preston is definitely our kid who expresses his love to us the most, and also get the most scared by anything slighty freaky on TV, etc.
Tuesday, the 3rd, was college spirit wear day at school. Ella was decked out in her BYU shirt AND hoodie as well, but I didn't remember to take a picture until we were at her swim practice.
Eddie has destroyed the bottom of our beds by ripping into the thin layer to create hammocks for himself.
The last 2 weeks of free breakfast Wednesdays at Chickfila were fun with new friends showing up. I didn't take picture the next week but there were even more new faces. My kids are officially chickfila-ed out for breakfast though...at least for a few weeks :-).
Cute Preston's fancy writing.
Preston has been waiting all season to get a medal and this game he got one for his 2 rebounds and 1 assist. The assist was a total accident, but we'll take it :-)!
More of Eddie being weird.
Addie had a 24 hour fever on the 1st, Ella had it mid-week, and then Preston started on Saturday night. His lasted 48 hours though so we got in lots of cuddles during church and he stayed home from school the next day as well.
The good news was that by Monday he was actually feeling pretty good, so we got to spend a few more hours with Ryan before he and his family headed out of Texas for real.
the girls just looked cute that morning. And that afternoon Addie got birthday mail from Uncle Mack and Aunt Cheryl.
And gorgeous winter weather FINALLY arrived, for a little while at least (it is currently freezing, and dreary, 15 degrees below normal). Ella and I were sad to head to swim practice as the rest of the fam got to enjoy the outdoors this day (11th).

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Katie said...

I love the picture of Preston using Mike as a pillow!!!