Sunday, March 1, 2015

Ella's Short Course Champs

Last weekend was the champs meet for Ella's short course swim season and it was in Katy, which was amazing! Ella swam all three days and had one of her best meets ever so it was especially fun to watch. On Friday night she had a huge cheering section for her 200 IM. It was such a great way to kick start her weekend and I think set the tone for the rest of her races. Thanks everyone for coming out :-). She took off tons of time from most her races, especially considering that most of the seed times were from November and January (although the 100 Free was from a year ago). The biggest surprise of the meet was how well she did at freestyle. Freestyle and Backstroke have typically been her tougher races and since she was mostly swimming those at the meet we didn't go in expecting her to place super high, but something clicked and she rocked it! She ended up with 3rd place medals, in the 200 Free, 100 Free and 100 Breast, and earned ribbons for the 200 IM and the 100 Backstroke (just missing one in the 50 Free). (and there were tons of swimmers so it was awesome) She also got Gulf times in nearly every race and is getting SO close to 'A' times which is amazing. Ella loves the group of girls she practices with and had so much fun hanging out with them between races and being on relays with them. They are a fast group so they really push each other to be better. We are so proud of Ella Bella!
(also, the heats were seeded ages 9-14 by times, so in many of the races Ella is swimming against older, and much bigger, girls)
200 IM
Seed time: 3:12.79
This meet: 3:01.91
5th/22 9-10 year olds (lane 4)

50 Free
Seed time: 35.65
This meet: 33.28
9th/66  (lane 7, 2nd from top)

100 Backstroke
Seed time: 1:29.96
This meet: 1:27.57
(I left the meet to go to Preston's basketball game and missed this race)
200 Free
Seed time: 2:48.16
This meet: 2:38.23
3rd/36   (lane 7, 2nd from top)

100 Free
Seed time: 1:31.47 (from Feb '14)
This meet: 1:12.75
3rd/47    (lane 6, 3rd from bottom)

100 Breaststroke
Seed time: 1:37.28
This meet: 1:34.68
3rd/34    (lane 6, 2nd from bottom of shot)

50 Back
Seed time: 44.02
This meet: 40.97
11th/44    (lane 1, top of screen)

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