Wednesday, March 18, 2015

More of March

Some other early March moments...
The gross weather has allowed us more time to play games...lots of Trouble and currently UNO is the obsession. In this picture is Enchanted Forest, a game I liked as a kid.
Lots of cat lovin'
So, this was Tuesday the 3rd and when I went outside to tell Addie it was time for Activity Days this cat was laying on our front porch and she was sitting with her. Addie told me she checked her tag the cat's name was cinnamon. We had to leave so we walked around to the garage to get in the car and Cinnamon followed us. We got in and Addie was worried I would hit her, but I assured her she would move when the car started moving. We slowly started backing out and Cinnamon would not move so Addie got out and shooed her off the driveway. We went to our activity and didn't think anything else of it. On Wednesday when I got home from picking the kids up at school Mike told us that Cinnamon's owners had come by looking for her and that the daughter was crying :-(. We also learned that Cinnamon was deaf. Addie and I felt so badly that we had had her there and not known she wasn't supposed to be out, or that she couldn't hear us. We walked around the yard a bit, but it had been 24 hours. Mike had an open house at his school that night so he left and when he got home a little after 8pm he called me to come and help him get Cinnamon. She was sitting on top of our Expedition in the garage. When the neighbors came by that afternoon they had told him where they lived so we all got in the car with Cinnamon in a towel and returned her to her home. It was pretty fun :-)!
Some pictures Ella's teacher took of her field trip to Biz Town (it's like a mini-town that the kids run. Ella was CFO of All State Insurance).
her two teachers, Mrs. Alison and Mrs. Pierluissi
Spirit Days...hat day, shirt from somewhere you've been, crazy socks and pajama day.
Feeling a little bummed we weren't heading anywhere cool for spring break, Mike and I tried out a Columbian restaurant. If only we were going to Columbia instead :-).
Since Saturday was officially spring break, after the art festival we headed to Baskin Robbins. Preston has been asking for a banana split for months (since the last time we were there and he saw the picture for it).
Scotto also arrived into town for 2 weeks that afternoon so we got to see him for the first time in FOREVER!
Sunday, the 8th, every one was hurtin' for certain with 8:30am church after the time change. I seriously HATE the time change!
Mike and I went on a date to see Impractical Jokers Live. Their show is hilarious and one of our favorites, but we weren't sure how funny they would be in a live show. We were pleasantly surprised though! They were hilarious and they showed some unaired clips that were good too. It was quite an interesting crowd there to see them. And Mike got a high-five from Joe on our way out. He's my personal favorite so I was a little jealous :-).


And lastly, Addie has had a store operating out of her room for the last couple weeks (I think I posted pictures of the crayons she made already). She made a bunch of construction paper items to buy and then priced everything in her room as well. She has added a library and toy rental service to the store over time and has actually done quite well with it. Nana was the biggest spender though, I think she spent $13 and made Addie's life haha :-)!
I love all the signs she made and took some pictures of some them one day while she was at school.

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