Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Where is Spring?!?!

Well, we have wrapped up February and aside from a few warm days sprinkled in, the weather has been FREEZING! And not just cold, but cloudy and dreary as well. I am SO over it! But, aside from the weather, things have been good!
Here is almost everything we were up to for the last part of February...
After remaining healthy nearly all winter, we all succumbed to a bad cold...and Preston's turned into a sinus infection.
Preston had a basketball game again and the team had their first loss.

we had a family movie trip to the Alamo to see sad nothing better was out :-)
We also suffered a lice epidemic, super fun! Turns out Preston had it like crazy and I'm sure is the reason the rest of us got it. He is our cuddly, loves to wrestle, sharing electronics with everyone kid. I nearly died when I checked his head (there was TONS). I combed through it multiple time and Mike buzzed his hair pretty short. We then spent the next day at the Lice Place making sure they were all removed. We went in later in the week to be checked again and were in the clear!
I couldn't help but laugh when I opened up the book Preston picked for his bed time story last night. His face was priceless! He obviously had forgotten he had done something naughty to the book when he picked it for me haha :)!
Mike and I got to sneak in a mid-week date when Ella missed a couple swim practices while she was sick. We saw McFarland USA and I was ready to move to a tiny town after seeing it :-)
Preston was SO excited to attend his own glow party at pump it up finally (he has been very jealous of the girls when they have gone)
Adeline's latest project has been creating a store in her room. Most the items she made from construction paper (like boxes of crayons with little paper crayons inside) although she priced pretty much everything in her room as well. We did have to step in when Preston was willing to give her $20 for some Legos :). She has made some pretty good money, especially after Nana stopped by and bought a big ticket item :-).

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