Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Home Again!

Tuesday, the 7th, our flight home from Atlanta was in the late afternoon. We had talked about going to the small LEGOLAND in the city before heading out, but the kids were all so exhausted that they didn't even want to! We just relaxed at the hotel and went swimming one more time before packing up and heading to lunch. Mike did some quick research on a good place for our last meal in Atlanta and we headed to Ann's Snack Bar. It was a teeny little place but the food was awesome! We headed to the airport stuffed and ready to relax :-). For a couple hours we hung out with tv, free wifi and lots of snacks before it was on the airplane and home again.
Then it was right back to school, photo shoots, swim practices, homework and piano lessons.
easter treats from nana and granddad were waiting to welcome us home
for the first time EVER, not one person in our group picked the right winner for the NCAA basketball tourney!
My very last MAD Lab with Ella Bella!!! So crazy! I think I missed 2 during all her elementary years.
Preston had been saving his souvenir money for LEGOLAND so when we didn't end up going he was promised a trip to Target's lego aisle instead. after MUCH deliberation this is what he picked.
Mack came into town for a night to do some business and it was great to see him! (and just happened to be siblings day too)

Addie's first bubble gum bubble!!!
Saturday, the 11th, Ella was supposed to have her big 5th grade choir field trip to Kemah Boardwalk. We have had the absolute worst weather on almost every weekend this year though and it ended up getting cancelled because severe thunderstorms were supposed to come. It ended up just raining for about an hour that afternoon though...right during Preston's baseball game which was NOT cancelled haha!

Ella ended up inviting Claire and Madeline over instead and these kids devoured 4 artichokes!!!
The next day Ella went to the 2nd day of the first long course swim meet of the season. The morning started out terrible weather-wise, but luckily cleared up so the meet went on. It wasn't a great day of swims, but it was good to get the first long course meet over with. We are looking forward to the next one in mid-May.
(ella is standing at the starting blocks in the middle lane)
My little lego-lover showing his love for me :-)
and another week of editing, swim practices and cats being weird :-).

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