Sunday, May 24, 2015

Preston is SIX!!!

I started typing the title of this post, "Preston is FIVE", so I am obviously not ready for him to already be 6 years old! He definitely is though :-).
This handsome little guy is a bundle of energy! He continues to be a chatterbox and has had countless marks in his kindergarten folder for talking in line, talking during circle time, yelling across the table in lunch, etc, etc. He is cuddley, loving, funny, sweet, active and emotional. He loves to draw us pictures, show off his lego creations, read (all night long) and play board games. And he still loves his "white blank" and sleeps with it every night!
Overall his first year of kindergarten has gone really well. He has done well with the Spanish, made lots of new friends and mastered reading. He was doing pretty well with following the rules and listening until the last month of school. Things have gone downhill recently and we are all ready for summer and a little more freedom. I loved his teachers and they loved him.
It was a big year for Preston! Not only did he start kindergarten but he did his first year of summer swim team right after turning 5, played basketball this winter and then baseball in the spring. He is a good little athlete, but definitely loses interest quickly. Basketball was the most entertaining to watch, he liked baseball a bit more and probably has the most fun at swimming. It will be interesting to see what he wants to do as he gets older.
He loves to watch Wild Kratts, Odd Squad and My Little Ponies on TV and for movies most often picks Little Einsteins, Despicable Me and Big Hero 6. He also loves to ride his bike, play catch and build legos. No matter what he is doing he wants someone to do it with. He does not like to play by himself like his sisters do. Sometimes they are excited he wants to play with them and sometimes he drives them nuts because he will not leave them alone :-). He and Ella play board games and wrestle together, and he and Addie have school (where she is the teacher) and play legos together. He definitely brings out the wild side in everyone he plays with!
At 6 years old, here are Preston's stats:
Height: 46.75" (74th%)
Weight: 46 lbs (52nd%)
He loves most snacks and treats (of course) and is good about trying foods even if he doesn't like them. His favorites are BBQ chips, tacos, lemon yogurt, pepperoni pizza, peanut butter and honey sandwiches, apples, any kind of berry, hummus and string cheese. Those are all staples at our house! For breakfast he still likes a pancake or waffle with peanut butter on it. For his family party he requested Hansen Tacos and brownies with ice cream. And when we went out for his special meals he requested donuts for breakfast, taco bell for lunch at school and BB's Cajun restaurant for dinner.
Preston is definitely a little charmer and knows how to work people :-). I often say he drives me the most nuts but is my favorite at the same time. He never lets up and is constantly talking and making messes but then he tells me he loves me and gives me sweet notes all the time so it's ok :-). He also has the most expressive little face and is so cute when he is telling you stories about his day that you can't help but laugh. It will be a fun summer and then he is off to 1st grade which is completely insane! We sure our love our Preston!
Preston over 6 years...
preston newborn
preston 1

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