Friday, May 29, 2015

Swim Meet Weekend (and Ella's first A Times!)

With almost all of Preston's birthday celebrating over, it was time to focus on Ella for the weekend. We were off to Pearland for a long course swim meet and were hoping for much better times than the last one in April. She had a great meet. Although she barely missed A times on a couple races which was frustrating, she earned them in two and that was so, so exciting! My mom and grandma were able to come cheer her on one of the days and Addie and Preston had lots of time on electronics over the course of the two days which made them happy :-). I seriously almost cried when Ella got the first A time :-). She had top 10 finishes on 5 of her 6 races (that backstroke kills her everytime, haha). It is so fun to watch all her hard work pay off!
100 Breaststroke
in middle, with purple Katy cap and in the lead
seed time: 1:59.15
this meet: 1:45.26, A time! (5th/54)

100 Butterfly
2nd from the bottom
seed time: 1:52.07
this meet: 1:38.21 (6th/17)
(A time is 1:36.79)

200 Freestyle
very bottom lane
seed time: 3:26.46
this meet: 3:00.51 (5th/46)
(A time is 2:58.39)

100 Backstroke
very bottom lane
seed time: 1:49.11
this meet: 1:40.71 (18th/58)

100 Freestyle
3rd from the top
seed time: 1:31.11
this meet: 1:21.05, A time! (5th/68)

200 IM
top lane
seed time: 3:32.34
this meet: 3:19.75 (10th/42)
(A time is 3:17.59)

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