Monday, June 22, 2015

Ella's Swim Tour Continues

So, after our late summer swim meet the evening of June 11th, we were up early and on the road to Corpus Christi for a big swim weekend for Ella with Katy Aquatics. She swam Friday, Saturday and Sunday there and we were home Sunday evening just in time for ANOTHER summer swim meet Monday night. Luckily we only got half way through that one before lightning postponed it because poor Ella was EXHAUSTED. But back to our Corpus weekend. I had envisioned that we would be spending our evenings at the beach and exploring the town once her races were done, but in reality we were all pretty worn out and spent lots of time just relaxing at the hotel. The kids watched a lot of Sponge Bob, which they think is the best treat ever haha, and swam at the hotel pool. I promised Preston we would make a separate trip to the beach this summer sometime though. Ella swam really well and had a lot of fun hanging out with Megan and Grace between races. We could see the effects of days of racing by Sunday, but really I have been so impressed by her improvements over the last few months! She got new A times in the 400 Free and 200 Free and took off time in the 50 Breast, Fly Back and Free which were times from less than a month ago. She has a couple more meets left this summer to try and hit a few more goals before she turns 11 and she was pretty upset when she missed them this weekend. It's hard as a parent to see your child doing so well at something but still not being satisfied because there is always a little better to do. She ribboned in all 11 events she swam though and that is something to be proud of!
She swam the 400 Free and Mike and I were timing her.
seed time: 6:17.68
this meet: 6:04.76 (4th/10)
(she was competing with just 10 year olds this meet but swam heats with girls up to 12)
We headed to eat on the water at Snoopy's and got ice cream at their adjoining restaurant Scoopy's after :-).
Addie and Preston saved up money all year and then combined their savings to buy a mini-laptop to play minecraft on...perfect timing :-)!
Back to the pool bright and early for warm-ups and more races.
200 Free, lane 3
seed time: 3:00.51
meet time: 2:57.76 (6th/19)

50 Fly, lane 3
seed time: 43.77
meet time: 42.42 (4th/18)

50 Free, lane 1
seed time: 37.80
this meet: 37.05 (7th/24)

100 Back, lane 7
seed time: 1:40.71
this meet: 1:41.31 (7th/20)

Italian for dinner and 7-Eleven slurpees for dessert :-)
50 Back, lane 6
seed time: 49.37
this meet: 47.97 (8th/22)

100 Free, lane 2
seed time: 1:21.05
this meet: 1:21.52 (6th/20)

50 Breast, lane 4
seed time: 51.10
this meet: 48.97 (4th/24)

Ella and Megan are the cutest swimming friends ever :-)!
100 Fly, lane 4
seed time: 1:38.21
this meet: 1:40.63 (3rd/9)

Mike found a yummy taco shop to eat at near the pool and then we headed home! When we arrived the kids got their ribbons from Thursday's meet that Rachel had kindly dropped off for us. I couldn't believe they were all red, white and blue and it was flag day...too perfect :-)!

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