Monday, June 1, 2015

Falcon Point Time Trials 2015

With this time trial meet Summer Swim 2015 officially began! The kids were excited and we were up and going early. There were lots of races for me to catch between all three kiddos! I kind of signed Mike up for a super complicated volunteer job that seemed like it would be so perfect for him. They are using a new computer timing system for the WHALE league this year and since he's so good on the computer and loves to know all the times I thought it would perfect. Turns out it is super involved and has included training sessions, meetings and many extra hours after the meets are over. He has been such a good sport about it! They are getting it down better each time though, so hopefully the next meet will go even quicker. We had great weather though and for the most part the kids swam really well. Go Pirates :-)!
Preston, lane 2
last year: 51.60
this meet: 38.55 (5th/15)

Addie, lane 2
last year: 26.26
this year: 21.95 (2nd/18)

Ella, lane 6
last year: 17.07
this meet: 15.43 (1st/15)

Preston, lane 1
last year: 1:06.13
this meet: 1:09.97 (9th/15)

Addie, lane 6
last year: 29.97
this meet: 28.76 (4th/18)

Ella, lane 2
last year: 21.66
this meet: 19.92 (1st/15)

Ella, lane 6
her timers missed getting her result because she was so far ahead, so we think the time was actually a bit faster
last year: 1:33.94
this meet: 1:27.23 (1st/15)

Addie, lane 2
*watch her carefully, my favorite moment of the day was her looking around during this race and then giving a huge smile when she realized she was winning :-)*
last year: 42.86
this meet: 35.82 (2nd/18)

Ella, lane 2
last year: 22.33
this meet: 20.17 (1st/15)

Addie, lane 1
last year: 49.47
this meet: 38.36 (5th/18)

Ella, lane 6
last year: 18.06
this meet: 18.25 (1st/15)


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