Monday, June 8, 2015

Falon Point Swim Meet 2015 #1

Our first official meet of the summer season was Saturday, May 30th and ended up being at Cinco Ranch High School. I had told my parents this would be the best meet to come to of the regular season because we would be sitting inside...little did we know there would be no air flowing at all and it was a sauna! My dad sweated it out for almost the entire meet and was able to see Ella's 1st place in breaststroke, which was exciting. My mom and Hope and Kyler were all there for parts of it as well which was fun.
We were swimming against Seven Meadows, the team one of Ella's best friends from Katy Aquatics swims on. She went in knowing Megan would probably beat her most of the time but still had so much fun with her :-). I wish I had videoed at the end of the races longer because they were so each other high fives and walking out with their arms around each other's shoulders. Her mom and I were loving watching them :-)! As an added bonus their Katy Aquatics coach Jenny stopped by after her Saturday practices to see them compete which was so nice.
All the kiddos improved their times and had fun and our team won which made them happy.
Here are their races...
Preston, lane 5 (yellow towel)
seed time: 38.55
this meet: 39.36 (14th/28)

Addie, lane 5 (yellow towel)
seed time: 21.95
this meet: 22.35 (9th/40)

Ella, lane 5 (yellow towel)
seed time: 15.43
this meet: 15.52 (2nd/45)

Preston, lane 5 (yellow towel)
seed time: 1:09.97
this meet: 51.25 (15th/26)

Addie, lane 1 (bottom)
seed time: 28.76
this meet: 29.18 (17th/41)

Ella, lane 5 (yellow towel)
seed time: 19.92
this meet: 19.04 (3rd/44)

Ella's IM, lane 5 (yellow towel)
seed time: 1:27.23
this meet: 1:23.91 (2nd/15)

Addie, lane 3 (white towel)
seed time: 35.82
this meet: 34.81 (10th/21)

Ella, lane 5 (yellow towel)
seed time: 20.17
this meet: 19.87 (1st FINALLY :-)/24)

Addie, lane 1 (bottom)
seed time: 38.36
this meet: definitely DQ'd...she flutter kicked pretty much the entire thing :-)

Ella, lane 5 (yellow towel)
seed time: 18.25
this meet: 17.11 (2nd/24)

I always like the medley relays and Addie got to be on the to 7/8 relay this meet which was so fun for her! She loves to win, so her first place finishes on the free and medley relays were definitely the highlight of her day!

Ella on the other hand did not have as much fun :-). Two of the fastest 9/10 girls missed our time trial meet so they weren't on the relay this week. Next time should be more fun. She did a great job trying to make up some ground though!


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