Thursday, June 18, 2015

First Week of Summer!!!

Our first official week of summer was busy with two summer swim meets and both Preston and Addie ending up in camps but we still had lots of fun and it was definitely better than going to school!
Friday, the 5th, I was at a newborn shoot all morning so I took the kids with me to run errands when I got home. It was SUPER fun ;-). That afternoon we went to a pool party at a friend's house though and it felt like summer was really here!
Saturday was Hope's bridal shower (more on that soon) and then Mike and I headed out for a date night.
The kids finally had a chance to enjoy their last day of school treats from Nana and after 3 failed attempts, Addie actually fell asleep in the fort and stayed there all night :-).
Monday, the 8th, Ella had her first KA practice at a long course pool. They bus the kids over to the pool for us which is awesome and Ella was thrilled that her two favorite friends from KA (Grace and Megan) were also riding the bus!
My friend Stacey texted me a picture of me taking the other picture :-)
Then it was off to take Preston to his first day of Lego Robotics camp. He and Jude were doing it together and he was so excited! While we were walking around the church it was held at trying to find his room I accidentally ran into chess/design your own video game camp. So after dropping off Preston I went back to see about signing Addie up. Same time and same place as Preston's and her new interest in chess made it perfect! They let me sign her up for the 3 days she could go (she really wanted to the video game one as well but they said you really needed to be there the whole week for that one) and she was so excited!
She definitely enjoyed her Monday morning at the house alone with me though!
Tuesday was Ella's turn to be home alone with me once we took the other two to their camps. We went out to breakfast at Black Walnut and then got our nails done. It was a nice relaxing treat that we both deserved :-), especially after that long swim meet the night before!

Wednesday was more of the same but Ella was quick to remind me it was free breakfast day at Chickfila :-).
Thursday we picked up Jude from camp as well and then all headed off to the Alamo for the free showing of the original Night at the Museum movie. Then it was home to relax a little bit before we were back to the pool for another swim meet. We were heading out first thing Friday morning for a big meet for Ella in Corpus Christi and hoping we would finish before midnight!
Since Addie was missing the last day of camp the director did a little awards presentation just for her. She got a trophy, tshirt and her own chess set. She loved the little camp! Preston got a tshirt as well and was so sad his camp was over!

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