Monday, June 15, 2015

Last Day of School!!!

We survived another school year!!! The last day of 5th, 2nd and Kindergarten was an exciting day for all of us! More than any other years previously I was SO ready to be done with school! Ella and all her friends coordinated a very specific and very crazy outfit to wear and I'm so glad her teacher got some pictures of them all together. After school was over (it was a half day) Ella went home with friends to swim and have fun and I picked up the other two and we went to Tutti Fruiti to celebrate. Here's to summer!!!
These pictures are from Ella's teacher on the last day in class and during the clap out.
I had no clue about the "clap out" tradition but I think basically the kids all come out in the halls and clap as all the 5th graders parade through the halls one last time as elementary students. Another teacher told me Ella and her girlfriends were quite a hit :).
(and just a cute story about Ella and her of the girls had picked up all the shirts and the tulle for them to make the skirts and I said something about how we should probably give her mom some money for them and Ella said, "oh, I already paid her for them!" she just used her money and didn't even ask me...I was so proud of her!)
Last day in the parent pick-up line for a few months was definitely something to celebrate!
With perfect timing, Preston's first shipment from Netbricks arrived that afternoon! This was his birthday present from the Millers and he was so excited!!!
It was a rough end of the year for Preston, haha!
A friend at school taught Addie the basics of chess the last week so she brought her set with her to swim practice and was so excited when this older boy who knew how to play wanted to play against her. He was so nice and explained things to her!
And lastly, later that night the kids were determined to sleep in their fort (I had promised they could the last day of school). They lasted about 20 minutes until one by one they left because the other kids were annoying them :-).

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