Friday, June 5, 2015

Preston's Kindergarten Graduation and Addie's Celebration of Learning

Thursday, May 28th, was the celebration of learning for Adeline and Preston.
Before the event started for the rest of the school, the TWI Kindergarten class had their little graduation to sing all their cute songs for the parents. I picked the wrong side of the room to watch from so Preston is at the very back, opposite corner from where I was filming. He has been wanting to listen to his CD of the songs all the time since the end of school. Preston had such a wonderful first year of elementary school thanks to his amazing teachers! We knew we loved Mrs. Torres already (she was teacher of the year this year and both girls had her as well) and we also loved Mrs. Barrientos (she was so good at emailing about Preston's ups and downs and coming up with knew ways to motivate him). We are hopeful for less marks in his folder next year ;) but aside from that he loved kindergarten and learned SOOO much!!!
classic Preston back there :-)

I had intended to try and merge these two pictures together to get the them all in one shot, but I'm too lazy now :-)
Adeline was excited to show off all her projects from the year and especially excited that Mrs. Devars wanted to keep her pop-up book as an example for future classes. We took pictures of it in the classroom so she could leave it with her. I didn't get a picture with Mrs. Collins, who taught her English subjects, but these teachers were also amazing for us this year! Even in October at our parent teacher conference I could tell they had figured Addie girl out pretty well and knew how to help her be happy and successful. She had 1 mark the ENTIRE school year, which was amazing! She participated in a couple group sessions with our school counselor Mrs. Williams again this year (who we also LOVE) and overall had an amazing year! She got nearly 100 in every subject and I am so thankful for the TWI program that keeps her little brain busy and helps keep her out of trouble :-).
We are looking forward to our time off from school but also excited about 1st and 3rd grade next year. We have had the 1st grade teachers before and know we will love them, and although the 3rd grade teachers will be new to us I have heard wonderful things about them. Here's to summer :-)!!!

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