Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Scariest Drive EVER, and the Rockets game before it

The evening of Memorial Day Mike and I went to the Rockets game to cheer on the Warriors (we tried to be discreet about it though :-). That evening a massive storm came through that left us with no school the next day and scary flooding throughout the Houston area. Many people were left stuck at the game or on the roads all night long as the water quickly rose and we were very thankful that we left a little early and made it home safe and sound.
(and thanks to Katie for letting me borrow her camera for the night!)
On our way into the game, the weather was great! We parked at a lot not super close to the stadium and rode a bike taxi to the stadium. Even though we were hoping the Rockets would lose, it was fun to be surrounded by so many fans that were SO invested in the game. We saw some pretty awesome outfits and were very entertained by the cheering and yelling around us.
The Rockets released a second batch of seats and Mike happened to get online not long after the email went out and was able to get some great ones. It isn't often that you have a better view of the game live in your seat than on the TV at home and that made it really fun...we were even just a few rows behind Houston's mayor :-).
Although they started out with a huge lead, the Rockets let us back in it and gave us some hope that we may be able to pull it off...until Curry was injured and out for a chunk of the game. The Warriors lost in the end but it was still a fun game to be at!
this part was so cute...
So, during the game I got a text first from my friend Katie and then from Kayley asking me if our kids were scared of the storm and if I wanted them to go check on them. They were stressing me out and once we went to leave the game I understood was pouring and thundering like crazy! We wrapped the free Rockets shirts around my purse and left the stadium "at our own risk" despite the warnings of the attendants at the door. It wasn't raining too hard at first when we started running towards the car, but it picked up so I took cover under a parking garage entrance and Mike ran the rest of the way to get the car. Then we started the drive home. At certain points on the freeway the water was already pretty deep, but it was driveable still. The route we were planning to take was already too covered in water though so we got on the tollway and hurried home as fast as we could. I was a nervous wreck but Mike was not phased :-).

When we went to bed that night there was continuous thunder, lightning and pouring rain. Mike commented about wishing it had started at 5am instead so that school would be cancelled. Well, he still got his wish. The flooding was so bad and so wide spread that the schools were cancelled on Tuesday (although Katy was ok where we are). I was off to the temple with Hope and my family so Mike just ended up watching the kids on the day off instead, but still better than work :-)! The next morning when we heard about how many people were stranded I was even more grateful to have made it home safely!
(and the Warriors ended up winning their next game and moving on to the NBA finals!)

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