Friday, June 19, 2015

Swim Meet #3 2015, and Smoother Sailing

I think we were all just barely recovering from Monday's meet when suddenly it was Thursday and time to do it all over again :-). This meet just seemed so much easier. There were less swimmers so maybe that was it, but who knows. I just know it was more enjoyable and we were done by 11pm!!!
 Ella was excited to have only Abi on our team from Katy Aquatics to worry about and the other two were just excited to stay up late again! Only 2 more regular meets go :-)!!!
Preston (just his part), lane 3, the finisher :-)

Addie (just her part), lane 2, going 3rd

Ella, lane 4, goes 1st

Preston, lane 2
seed time: 36.72
this meet: 38.12 (8th/20)

Addie, lane 4
seed time: 21.95
this meet: 25.30 (11th/35)

Ella, lane 2
seed time: 15.25
this meet: 15.54 (2nd/29)

Preston, lane 2
seed time: 51.25
this meet: 56.89 (14th/19)

Addie, lane 2
seed time: 28.76
this meet: 29.69 (14th/34)

Ella, lane 2
seed time: 19.04
this meet: 18.73 (2nd/29)

Ella, lane 4
seed time: 1:23.91
this meet: 1:23.98 (1st/12)

The two Addies :-). Preston's BFF Jude has an older sister Addison who our Addie loves!
Addie, lane 4
seed time: 34.81
this meet: 33.86 (6th/16)

Ella, lane 4
seed time: 19.87
this meet: 20.52 (1st/18)

Ella, lane 4
seed time: 17.11
this meet: 18.00 (1st/18)

I didn't record Addie's but she filled in for someone on a higher relay doing breaststroke and when they got 2nd (to our A relay) she was thrilled)!
Ella, lane 4, goes 2nd doing breaststroke

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