Saturday, June 27, 2015

Swim, Swim, Swim

This summer swim season has been especially exhausting. We are "lucky" enough to be in the only division with 6 teams, which means we have an extra meet (and the meets, although fun, are long and tiring). Add to the already grueling schedule that we had a practice meet and then a meet stopped for weather that had to be finished another day, it felt like we had 7 meets before our Meet of Champs meet (which was today!).
Monday, the 15th, tropical storm Bill was supposed to be rolling into town and our meet was scheduled for 6pm. We tried to get it started early and move things along quickly to beat him. It was going really well at first, we got through the free relays, all the freestyles and about half way through our 9/10 girls backstrokes before there was thunder. We waited it out for a bit but in the end everyone was sent home and told to come back Saturday morning. This was actually great news for Ella who was TIRED after that having swim meets and not a lot of sleep 4 consecutive days and nights in a row. Addie and Preston both swam some of their best races before we stopped though, which was exciting.
I didn't bring my camera because I knew rain was most likely going to come and I am SOOO sad I didn't!!! Preston swam a super great freestyle and actually won his heat for the first time this season. When he looked around and realized he was first he made little muscle arms and shook them in the air before jumping up and down. It was the cutest thing I've ever seen and I wish I could watch it over and over again :-).
Preston's Freestyle, seed time: 36.72
this meet: 33.12 (6th/19)
Preston's Backstroke, seed time: 51.25
this meet: 49.74 (11th/19)
Addie's Backstroke, seed time: 28.76
this meet: 27.76 (9th/32)
So, we had a week to recuperate and relax until finishing the rest of the meet on Saturday morning.
We mostly just went to practices, watched movies and played games at home. Mike and I took Ella to see Jurassic World though while the other two hung out at my parents' house and we all loved it! That week was also when I finally went through all their art and school projects and we discovered that Ella DID get the President's Education Award. I thought she should have but they didn't call her up for it during graduation. Happy day!
I had to save this birthday card Preston got from his friend cute.
Saturday morning I had to go do some photo shoots downtown so I helped get the kids set up at their meet (Mike was working the computers there as usual) and then just waited for texts from Mike about how they were doing while I was at my shoots. Ella's IM didn't improve which was a bummer but then I got a text about her breaststroke and was SOOO mad I wasn't there recording it!
She broke out of the 19's!!! Super exciting!
Ella's Breaststroke, seed time: 19.87
this meet: 18.92 (1st/16)
Addie also did really well on hers and took off over 3 seconds!
Addie's Breaststroke, seed time: 33.86
this meet: 30.55 (5th/17)
All the videos I have taken of their races this summer and I missed these :-(!!!
And then Ella broke out of the 17's on her butterfly!
Ella's Butterfly, seed time: 17.11
this meet: 16.97 (1st/15)
I got back to the pool just as Mike was finishing up his job closing out the meet on the computer and we headed to lunch. Ella chose Red Robin to celebrate :-).
Father's Day we got together at my parents for dinner. Our opposite church schedules make it difficult to do Sunday dinners and it was nice to celebrate together! Kayley and I happened to wear our matching dresses that day :-).
Monday, the 22nd, we had our last regular swim meet! Wooo Hooo!!!!
That day we had practices in the morning (Ella had her long course practice for KA and I took the other two to their FP practice) and Preston got to go to Chuck E Cheese with his friend Jude (his mom texted me the video of him hitting the ticket jack pot!) AND we went as a family to the Alamo to Inside Out. It was really cute and a nice relaxing, although maybe a bit too filling, pre-meet activity. Then it was back to the pool!

Ella helped sing the national anthem...

And although the only time improved of ALL the races by all three kids was Ella's IM, they definitely had fun playing with friends and trading electronics and playing everyone's different games for hours and hours :-).
the difference between girls and boys...the girls make rainbow loom bracelets and the boys pretend they are punching each other :-).
Ella's IM, seed time: 1:23.91
this meet: 1:23.51 (1st)

And, we were back at the pool Tuesday morning for a donut/swim party practice and the announcement of who is going to Meet of Champs. All three made it in freestyle (and Ella in everything else as well)!

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