Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Longest Swim Meet of My Life (2015 Meet #2)

Monday night, June 8th, was our first evening meet of the swim season and it went on FOREVER!!! By 9pm we were still finishing backstroke (which means 6 year olds had just finished swimming and we still had IM, Breaststroke, Butterfly and Medley Relays to go). For whatever reason that meet seemed way more stressful to me than most of them, maybe because it was so crowded? I think it was a combination of things, but when we got home after midnight and Mike didn't get home until 1am I was feeling OVER summer swim team. The good news is when we had to go back and do it all again Thursday it went much more smoothly. The kids had fun regardless though!
(we swam against another of Ella's Katy Aquatics teammates tonight, Hannah, who is super fast!)
Preston, lane 2
seed time: 38.55
this race: 36.72 (9th/23)

Addie, lane 2
seed time: 21.95
this race: 26.46 (17th/36)

Ella, lane 4
seed time: 15.43
this race: 15.25 (3rd/33)

Preston, lane 4
seed time: 51.25
this race: 52.97 (12th/23)

Addie, lane 2
seed time: 28.76
this race: 31.57 (16th/36)

Ella, lane 2
seed time: 19.04
this race: 19.36 (2nd/33)

Ella, lane 4
seed time: 1:23.91
this race: 1:24.27 (2nd/12)

Addie, lane 4
seed time: 34.81
this race: 35.43 (8th/18)

Ella, lane 4
seed time: 19.87
this race: 20.36 (2nd/16)

Ella, lane 4
seed time: 17.11
this race: 18.08 (3rd/16)

(I didn't record Preston's free relay)
Addie, free relay, lane 4, goes 2nd

Ella, free relay, lane 4, goes last

Addie, medley relay, lane 6, goes 2nd (breaststroke)

Ella, medley relay, lane 4, goes 2nd (breaststroke)

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