Friday, July 3, 2015

Some Fun and More Swim

Occasionally we were doing things beside attending swim meets in June, but mostly it was swim meets :-).
There were also practices, swimming with friends and Ollie coming to play. Then we got to spend an entire day with Hope which was such a treat. She, Ella and I went to our favorite sushi place for lunch and had some girl time. Even Eddie was excited she was over!
Fun eating at Cheesecake Factory and Ritter's Frozen Custard, and some randoms from Ella.
But between the Meet of Champs and the All Star meet we did head to a long course meet in Sugar Land so Ella could try to get the A time in 100 Fly that she had barely missed earlier in the month. That race was her first of the day and she did it!!! She didn't lose time on her other two races after, but her goal was accomplished and she did really well...3rd place on 100 Fly and 100 Breast and 7th on 50 Free.
100 FLY, lane 3
seed time: 1:38.21
this meet: 1:36.77 (A time! 3rd/24)

50 FREE, lane 3
seed time: 37.05
this meet: 37.59 (7th/47)

100 BREAST, lane 3
seed time: 1:45.26
this meet: 1:46.25 (3rd/33)


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