Sunday, July 26, 2015

The End of Long Course Season...Almost

The weekend of July 17-19 was Ella's Long Course Gulf Champs Elite Meet. We were expecting this to be the last meet of the summer and the end of her season although we were hoping she and her friends would be able to have at least one relay qualify for the big TAGS (Texas Age Group Swimming) meet the next weekend in Austin. After a rough first race (50 Fly) on Friday morning, Ella took off quite a bit of time on her 200 IM and earned her A time! Saturday she swam 100 Breast, 50 Free and 100 Fly. She was FLYING on her breaststroke, taking off tons of time and earning both an AA time and her 11/12 BB time, which she has been trying to earn to help her get moved into the Silver (12&under elite) group for the fall. It was pretty exciting and my parents and grandma were there cheering her on. She qualified for finals that evening so we went to eat and then were back that evening. Although she added a little time at night it was still exciting to be there and have someone announce her name :-). Plus she got extra time to hang out with Megan which was fun. Another fun bonus on Saturday was a friend from my high school years in Dallas lives in Pearland and came by with her daughter...I'm mad I didn't take a picture! Sunday we were up early again (5:30am three days in a row was ROUGH) and back to the pool. The air circulation in the natatorium was not great and by this day Ella's eyes were really bugging her so she had to go outside from time to time to give them a break from the chlorine. Luckily it didn't affect her swimming though. She swam 100 Free, 50 Breast and 400 Free. She took off time on all 3, qualified for finals on the breast again and earned another 11/12 BB time for the 400. So, although it was another long day she was so excited to make finals! This was a really competitive meet so we went in fully expecting not to make finals (top8) and just trying to get PRs, so this was a pleasant surprise!
We are so proud of how well she ended her season! And to cap it off their medley relay qualified for TAGS!
50 Fly
previous best: 42.42
this meet: 44.57
200 IM (lane 1, bottom)
previous best: 3:19.75
this meet: 3:15.42 (24th/43, A time)

this chickfila we stopped at on our way home was crazy efficient! they had employees taking orders on ipads like In N Out and then a whole condiment station after you picked up your food!
100 Breast (lane 7, 2nd from top)
previous best: 1:45.26
this meet: 1:40.32 (9th/31, AA time!)

50 Free (lane 4, middle)
previous best: 37.05
this meet: 37.02 (45/56)

100 Fly
previous best: 1:36.77
this meet: 1:39.16 (24/29)
Getting stuffed, resting and having fun at a Mexican restaurant between sessions. Addie and Preston were troopers that weekend!
100 Breaststroke Finals
this race 1:42.42

100 Free (lane 2, towards bottom)
previous best: 1:21.05
this meet: 1:20.32 (34/54)

50 Breast (lane 4)
previous best: 48.97
this meet: 46.50 (8/27)

400 Free
We always have to time these long races and it is so stressful for me to be right there at each flip turn! Her goal this race was the 11/12 BB time which is 5:56.49 so we knew it was going to be close and I was DYING on her last 50. It was SO exciting when she got it!
previous best: 6:04.76
this meet: 5:56.13 (13/27)
50 Breaststroke Finals
this race got 47.27

We were all exhausted and ready to go home :-)!

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