Monday, August 24, 2015

Ella is ELEVEN!!!

It is perfect timing for me to be writing Ella's birthday post while she is off at her first day of 6th grade at the middle school! It has been quite a year for her! She finished her last year of Elementary School, had an amazing year of swimming and really blossomed into an independent young lady. She is definitely not a little girl anymore which makes me happy and sad.
Ella Bella is for the most part such an easy kid! She impressed me so much this past school year with how she was able to balance all her responsibilities. She would get her homework done, practice piano and go to swim practice for 1 1/2 hours each day without me having to bug her or tell her what to do (well, maybe sometimes with the piano practicing :-).
She loves reality tv, good food and the Alamo like her mom and dad :-). She also loves Full House and when she wasn't reading this summer could be found re-watching the entire series. She also loves playing Monopoly, hanging out with her friends, listening to music, checking my instagram account and of course, swimming. She read the Michael Vey series this summer and about half the Harry Potter series but with school, piano and even longer swim practices starting up again this week we will see how much she gets done.
Favorite foods are a tough one because she likes it all for the most part...chips, California rolls and wontons, tacos, shrimp, good burgers, chicken fettuccini alfredo, anything of good quality really :-).
Although she appears shy, serious, and maybe not very happy most the time, she is! I promise :-)! We are working on the importance of smiling and acting friendly in life because I don't want people to think she isn't nice just because she is naturally quiet and serious. That being said, she definitely has a silly side and loves to make her friends laugh. At the end of the school year the TWI classes put on a little play and Ella was voted "Best Comedic Actress"! I was shocked and it made me so happy...she continues to surprise us.
Last year at this time we set our goals for the school year and Ella made a goal to get an 'A' time in every swim stroke. I remember thinking it was good to set high goals but did not expect her to do it. Well, this kid worked her little booty off at practice every day and she got A times in Free, Fly, Breast and an AA time in Breast! It was so fun to see her succeed!
I don't know what I would do without Ella as our oldest child! She is such a good example to Addie and Preston and she is so responsible that I totally trust her. Mike and I enjoyed many more dates this year because we could leave her in charge for a couple hours while we went out. It was definitely a win-win for us all!
I still can't believe that she is off to middle school today!!! I still remember so clearly leaving the hospital with this teeny tiny little baby who had been in the NICU for 5 days and being so nervous and so excited. We thought she was the cutest baby ever and that everything she did was amazing...and well, we still do.
Happy Birthday to our sweet, kind, beautiful, smart, funny and talented girl!
Height: 56.75" (50th percentile)
Weight: 80 lbs (46th percentile)
ella 2

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