Sunday, August 30, 2015

First Day of School!

August 24th was the first day of school! 6th grade, 3rd grade and 1st grade...they are getting so old!!!
Middle school starts early and Ella had to be outside waiting for the bus at 6:45am. We weren't going to have her ride the bus at all (because it scares me :-) but we decided to have her ride in the morning and then we pick her up in the afternoon. She has a couple friends on it and she has enjoyed it so far...although she also enjoys not riding it in the afternoon. I was up extra early to make puffed pancakes and bacon for breakfast but Ella has wanted to make her own lunch all week which is complaints from me :-)! She looked adorable and was so excited to head out, although she obliged me taking a few pictures before she walked to the bus stop. I kept looking at the schedule all day and thinking about her in each of her classes. She came home happy as can be and loving the middle school life! Here is to a great year for her!!!
With Ella off, it was time to get Addie and Preston ready and even they were a little bit excited getting ready for the first day :-). They looked adorable and this year was the first time Mike got to come with us for the first day drop off which was exciting. We dropped Preston off first and he was the first one in his class. He seemed a little bit nervous but Mrs. Bayliss was so friendly and helped him find his desk. We told him we would come by after dropping Addie off and say a final goodbye. Addie walked right in to her room, sat at her desk and started coloring. She knows the drill :-). On our way out we ran in and gave Preston one more hug and that was it!
It's always a little strange the first day of school after having the kids home all day every day to suddenly have an empty, quiet house. As nice as it is, I was excited to pick them up by the afternoon and hear all about their days.
always their initial reaction when I am getting them to take a picture :-)
and after some prompting

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