Sunday, August 9, 2015

July Wrap Up

The rest of our July...
We got to have an afternoon hanging out with Rachel!

And while she was here Ella found out she made the 12 and under elite group for fall and we were sooo excited. Then Megan arrived early to hang out awhile before I took the girls to practice and she came with cupcakes which was perfect since we had something to celebrate :-)!
Earlier Addie and I had a date to the pet store and Tutti Fruitti
We swam with friends a couple different days...always fun!
Ella had a week of volleyball camp and she loooved it! Having friends there helped but I think volleyball is her runner-up sport :-)
After all the rain we got this spring it has been nice to have NONE for so long, but when we had a random downpour one evening, Preston wanted to go outside and catch the rain in a cup :-).
On Thursday, the 30th, we were busy! It was Ella's last day of camp so they got to dress crazy and Mike went to pick up the RV we rented for our road trip. We got it all loaded up while Ella was at camp, picked up some lunch and then we were on the road!!! The kids were so excited but I think I was even more ready to get out of here! It was so nice to be almost completely disconnected from the world for a week :-)! Much more of the trip to come!

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