Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Where did it go?!

Since October is only days away from being over, I decided to take a break from editing to get some of our monthly moments blogged.
The first half of October our amazing weather continued and we loved it!!!
This year with the kids all being older we are involved in more activities than ever before, but so far it is going fine and the kids really enjoy them (although it does cut into free time at home). We were able to sneak in some park visits though and got our Halloween decorations up, adding some new ones to the mix. Ella had her first races of the short course season, Preston is a reading machine and Addie spends every free moment and dollar on rainbow loom creations. Baseball has been on the TV all month and I've been editing away like a mad woman, but all in all things haven't been too stressful. We have our routine down and we have even been doing well with cooking most our dinners at home. Bedtime has gotten progressively later though and that is something that will hopefully be easier to improve on once the time changes and it's dark before dinner.
Here are the highlights of the first 10 days of October...

Took advantage of our gorgeous half day!
The kids fell in love at Target and all chipped in to buy this guy. He has provided hours of entertainment :-).

Purple and Black meet season opener and the next morning the Gulf Champs open water race...with the super scary starts!!!

National walk to School Day on the 7th
Pajama Day AND getting Dad to come to help at your MAD Lab is one lucky day!
Spent a Saturday shooting in the Woodlands which was a fun change at this pretty spot.
He melts me...everything he does is adorable.
Addie has been complaining of being FREEZING at church and with the cooler temps she can finally wear some boots to keep those toes warm!
Got snagged to sub for the sunbeams and was able to witness first hand Preston's not-so-reverent behavior all during singing time.
But obviously we are doing something right because he is basically using his prayers as a letter to Santa Claus haha!!!

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