Saturday, November 21, 2015

Adele in New York City

I have been so excited to blog this trip and remember it all!
So, I think it was around the 10th of November when Mike got an email that he had been selected to receive 2 free tickets to a special concert by Adele in NYC on November 17th at Radio City Music Hall. I LOVE Adele and have never been to NYC, so despite feeling completely overwhelmed at the thought of leaving, even for a super short trip, we decided that if we could find someone to watch the kids we would go for it. Thankfully Mike's parents were able to come out and hold the fort down for us. The kids were so excited to have the extra time with Meema and Papa as well so it was a win-win for everyone! I didn't take a picture of the kids with them though, which I am mad at myself for! The good news is we have a big trip planned with them soon so we will make up for it then.
It was truly a whirlwind trip. We flew out of Houston at 5am the day of the show, the 17th, and then flew out of New York the next morning at 5am again...24 exact hours haha! And yes, we were exhausted when we got home.
We landed in New York around 11am and headed into the city. We found Radio City Music Hall and pretty much stayed right in that area to explore. There was plenty to do! We made it to the Top of the Rock, tried some street food, got frozen hot chocolate (peanut butter hot chocolate actually) at Serendipity, ate at a delicious and quaint little Italian restaurant and walked around central park before getting in line for the show. It was a beautiful fall day in the city!
The hot dog was ok but I loved the knish!!! Next time I have to try a Halaal Guys stand they smelled so good!
they told us to do thumbs up haha!
This totally lived up to all the hype! Amazing. As was the regular hot chocolate we got to warm up with before heading back outside!
So, we went and got in line around 5:45pm and it was already super long but provided good people watching. The tickets to the show were all given out through giveaways...through her website (like ours), through radio stations in New York City, etc. The ladies behind us won theirs through a radio show and were hilarious to listen to while we waited. At one point Mike dropped his phone and a tall woman picked it up and handed it to him. Neither of us paid attention to who it was but the ladies behind us got all excited and were like "That was Gayle! You know, Oprah's friend?!" Honestly we didn't believe them until we were in the building and I actually saw Gayle walk to her seat.
The other exciting moment of our wait in line was that we got on the Today show for a brief second :-)! There were camera crews outside the venue and then as we were getting closer to the entrance we were stopped in line again and a news anchor asked if we wanted to be on the today show. Just as she was telling us to act excited and chant Adele the security guys made us move forward in line though so we were pretty sure our little clip would be cut, but they used it! So hilarious!
It was stressful getting in and getting our tickets (they didn't hand any out before because they didn't want people selling them to others) but we made it and our seats were pretty good. I think most the seats in Radio City give you a good view though and the sound quality was amazing!!!
Jimmy Fallon came out and did a brief introduction and then there was Adele!
She was UNBELIEVABLE. Hands down the most amazing voice I have ever heard in person. The way she can just belt it out so clearly Wow. And her banter between songs was hilarious. I am now 100% obsessed with her and I want to be her best friend :-).
They were coming around telling people to put their phones away so every once in awhile I tried to sneak a couple pictures or videos but it was being filmed for a special on NBC and we are so excited to see what they end up making from what we saw (it will air on December 14th). She did a great mix of all her famous songs as well as some new songs that we hadn't heard yet since the CD came out later in the week.
It was amazing and I want to go back and do it all over again!
the lady in glasses is taking a picture of Gayle...that's the best I could get :-)



my phone died during this one :(

When she first said it would be her last song of the night everyone in the crowd acted sad and she was hilarious and told us she was doing an encore of course so she was only pretending it was her last song :-).

And it turns out there were TONS of celebrities there that night and we didn't see any of them except Gayle haha! When we got home Mike was reading a couple articles and here are just some of the people who were there: Bradley Cooper, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, David Schwimmer, Donald Trump, Daniel Day Lewis and Jennifer Lawrence. (and a couple articles about the event are HERE and HERE)
Watch closely for us when the crowd chants Adele :-)

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