Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Day to Day

With a couple beautiful days in a row I was able to pack in quite a few shoots yesterday and today, so I need to up my editing game again but first, trying to catch this up.
Here are happenings from the rest of October (except Halloween)...
Preston and Addie are both swimming at Texas Swim Academy right now. Mostly to do something active, but they love the warm water :-). Addie girl is doing their pre-competitive group and is loving it! She works so hard and we love the coach!
Cute Prest still loves his lego class!
(and we always have to take a video to show Mike what he made that day)

While we were living it up with the girls at the Taylor Swift concert, Preston had a special sleepover at Nana and Grandad's and I got these cute pictures sent to me
(he requested the video when my mom went to take his picture).

Halloween preview
Eddie, the human
The sickness begins :-(. Ella started it (but we gave her cute nails while she had no energy to do anything else!), then me, then Mike and then Preston who got the very worst of it (Ella's was bad too though). Only Addie escaped it!
Last day of this first session of the Lego class meant they got to take home a mini figure!

Ella was better just in time for her school's Pink Out to support breast cancer awareness and for our pumpkin carving party with friends.
Total mom fail for me when I forgot to take pictures of Addie and Preston when they looked so cute for their school picture day, so I busted out the big camera this morning instead. It was in the 60s but they thought they were going to die and ran inside to put on big coats haha!
Mike saw a hilarious video of a cat wearing this pirate costume with little arms sticking out, so I found it on Amazon and bought one. Unfortunately it didn't fit our cats very well so Eddie couldn't walk well enough to show it off. It was more Beauty's size but she freaked out so much that she ran into the wall and then literally ran out of the costume. It was hilarious :-)!

Beautiful afternoon for a park pit stop on the way to piano.
And the new session of lego class started and this one is all about wheels!

And a Halloween swim party for Ella on the eve of Halloween! (we skipped the trunk or treat at school because of the rain).

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